Hatefull bebo page Part 4

Yet another post on this. but its just an update. They have agreed to my request for a debate and it will happen tomorrow. They have also changed the name of the group and added ‘Gays Out’, wow mature.

Ill keep ye updated. If anyone has any things they think i should bring up, email me at spiller2@gmail.com

Hatefull bebo page Part 3

I didnt expect to be posting on this again so soon, but the idiots are at it again! well i got more responses.

This is from the same guy as yesterday

here look at urself ur a gay cunt!! n the foreign cunts are takein all the jobs.. but ur a bogger ye dnt no nuttin


ur just gay so shut ur mouth rite haaahhhhhhaaaaa

which i responded with

cause im gay ur ignoring my point of view! Let me tell you I have the same rights as you under the Equal Status Act and the Employment Acts. So get ur facts right!!!!

I also got comments from this guy one of the ‘band’ members

ya foggot you ar a disgrace to this country fuck u and your debates as well ya fool

with which I retorted

you wont suceed in any way. Cause you have to back up anything you say in politics. and let me tell you this I probably contribute more to this country then you do due to my work in the community and politics scouting etc. so grow up and actually debate me with some maturity

and he responded by giveing me his number and challenging me to a fight!!!!!! Wow maturity…

I also got a comment from someone who saw my posts on this and posted on the group bebo page. Please if your reading this, join the fight against ignorance!

I also remember leaving a comment on one of their pages about the number of immigrants the Irish eceonmy needs to sustain growth. I dont think they were to oppressed with that!

Re:Hatefull bebo page

Remember yesterday I posted about this crowd. Will this today one of the members left a ‘lovely’ comment on my bebo page which went as follows

ur a faggit

Well I must admit I admire his powers of perception because it would be very difficult to see that I was a homosexual from my bebo page! So not only are they racist, but their homophobic also. Why do these always seam to go hand in hand, I suppose hate breeds hate.

I posted back the guy who left that comments page the following

wow, well done! at least try and argue intelligently as name calling wont get you anywhere in politics! Believe me.


Oh i love the way u support a racist grouping on bebo, yet all the artist you link to above arent Irish!

god cant you smell the sarcasm! I also reposted on the Group page a challenge!

Please dont stoop to name calling on my bebo page. At least have some guts to debate your position on immigration in Ireland!


Well my friend just asked me to google “Movement to Save Ireland” and i found this.

They seam not to like the BNP only cause their Zionist. But their a ‘racist homophobic group’ as my friend names em.

I must hate the Far-right. Their against immigration. In Ireland we need immigration to keep the economy going! Stupid people

They even post against the Pride Parade in may with a picture of Me Seriously Pissed off now!!!!

If you like me are against these people check this bebo profie out Antifa Worldwide