Why do I have to watch Irish Athletes on BBC?

I grew up watching Athletics on RTÉ, screaming at the telly urging Sonia O’Sullivan to win in the big race, which was always hyped up. But of course I also cheered on anyone else who was racing for Ireland. I remember watching swimming championships on RTÉ and screaming for Michelle Smith (now De Brun) to win.

Why now if I want to shout for Irish Athletes I have  to watch BBC or Eurosport. Have we Irish lost interest in Athletics now that we dont have someone like Sonia or Michelle to cheer on and gaurentee us medals that we don’t watch it. What message does that send our Athletes and young people who are interested in Athletics?

Compare that to the BBC who hype up all their young stars to try and give them the best possible support and really crown their acheivements. Why aren’t RTÉ doing this?

This year I watched Olive Loughnane get her Silver Medal for Ireland in the 20km Walk on BBC. I watched Derval O’Rourke come 4th in the World in the 100m Hurdles on BBC. I have also watched multiple interviews with Irish Athletes on BBC. Tonight I will watch David Gillick race in the 4oom final on BBC.

Why is RTÉ focusing on Champions League matches which dont show any Irish teams instead on focusing on Irish Athletes who are doing us proud, winning medals and setting national records?

I agree with the Fine Gael Spokesperson on Sport John O’Mahony TD when he says :

I understand the difficult financial position RTE is in but, surely, the funds could have been found to cover this important sporting event. Due to the Irish athletes competing, the Athletics Championship is integral to Irish sport and savings elsewhere could have been made to allow live broadcasts from Berlin to go ahead.

“That it wasn’t is a real shame and I hope RTÉ learns from this error next time out.”

Hopefully RTÉ will be able to sort themselves out for the World Indoor Championships in Doha next March and show Irish Athlethes in action.

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“By George we got Lee”

So George Lee the now former Economics Editor of RTÉ will be standing for Fine Gael in the Dublin South By Election.

Personally I am delighted that George is running for us in Dublin. Hes name was mentioned to me on a number of occasions but I was told he turned us down. How wrong those people were!

George Lee is a man with his finger on the pulse of the Irish Economy. He warned us for years, and people ignored him. But he was right. I hope now he can help improve this country and help fix the mess that Fianna Fail have blindly walked us into. We can no longer ignore it!

It wont be an easy election. No by election is. So far there are six declared candidates for the constituency with Fianna Fail to decide tonight. They have to decide between Shay Brennan and Senator Maria Corrigan.

The other declared candidates are Labour Senator Alex White, Sinn Fein’s  party publicity officer, Shaun Tracey, the Green Party’s Elizabeth Davidson and Socialist Workers Party’s Malachy Steenson. There is also an independent candidate, Ross O’Mulllane who is basing his campaign on this idea. Not sure where that is going and it will work in practice.

Any way, Vote George Lee Number 1 in Dublin South!

(The title of this post came from a tweet by Senattor Jerry Buttimer)

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So much for Independent State Broadcaster

So tonight RTÉ apologised for the airing of the report about the Nude Pictures of Brian Cowen last night. The Government seam to be trying to censor RTÉ at all times and this is the second one I know of. The first is Ministers been given a g0-over in interviews. Suzy has of course the full catalogue of pressure RTÉ are under from the Government.

Slugger have a PR from Dublin North Fianna Fail TD Michael Kennedy which gives an insight to how FF see this:

“Regardless of who the incumbent is, the position of An Taoiseach deserves respect, especially from our national public service broadcaster.”
“For an item like this to be given so much air time beggars belief and raises serious questions about the agenda at play in the RTE newsroom. It was obviously seen as a piece of entertainment – biased and partisan entertainment. It was the most tasteless item (I will not refer to it as ‘news’ as it clearly wasn’t) I have seen for many years.”
“It is evident that RTE management have long since given way to the celebrity culture where reporters and presenters have been allowed become commentators in constant pursuit of their own ‘celebrity cult’, rather than simply reporting the news in a straight forward manner, without their personal point of view.”
“The incoming RTE Authority should have a hard look at the direction the broadcaster is heading.  Maybe a change at the top and a back to basics approach in terms of RTE’s public service remit would be a start,” concluded Deputy Kennedy.

And of course here is the apology (via @handelaar)

Follow the debacle on twitter with the tag #picturegate

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Cowen Nude

Yes, I know this is probably everywhere, but meh! Suzy was giving out earlier that RTÉ have taken this off their website, but Damien Mulley has it up on Youtube.


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