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Yesterday I met with Sam Lyons and Emma Carroll of OpenFM a temporary station that will be broadcast in Dublin over the pride season and will also be online.

The idea behind the station is to create an open space for discussion on LGBT issues, mental health issues and anything else. It wants to create a community space. It wants every one to be open. This is a laudable goal.

They have managed to recruit 72 volunteers who have come together to form the different teams that the station needs to operate. They have tapped into this network and hopefully it will pay off for them!

A look at schedule shows that it is not gay dominated which is something that I actually like about the station. The only definite gay show is Panti’s on a Sunday night and of course the day of the Pride Parade will see it covering the parade live which is a great idea and will bring the parade to those who can’t make it.

This idea hasn’t been tried in Ireland before. Though it does follow the successful model which was set by Christmas FM and Radio Rí Rá. This has been tried in Berlin, Melbourne and Manchester, but all those stations were “very gay”, while OpenFM promises only “a touch of gay” according to Sam. That is even demonstrated in the logo!
It is worthwhile to note that the station is completely voluntary and that in fact two charities have been selected to gain any of the money made from the venture. They are and GCN Forever.

It was interesting to see the logic behind the coupling up of Mental health with pride. And while speaking to Sam you could see the passion he has for this. He and Emma are right to link LGBT (especially youth) and mental health.

I wish OpenFM the best of luck!

They will be launching on June 13th and can be found at FM89.90 and of course online! You can keep up with them on facebook also!

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My Use of Irish – Úsáid na Gaeilge

Salachar MadraíImage by jimmycurn via Flickr

Today those on twitter and Facebook would have noticed a rise in my use of Irish online. This is due to two things. One is catching a bit of Ryan Tubridy on Saturday Night where they were encouraging people to use Facebook as Gaeilge and my last two Facebook Updates have been as Gaeilge. The second is my radio listening. This morning I tuned into Raidio Rí Rá and mentioned that on twitter and guess what? They engaged with me on twitter (Anseo agus anseo).

Now we all know of Raidio na Gaelteachta and its boredom inducing programing (for me it is anyway) and it basically does not encourage young people to use Gaeilge. Raidio Rí-Rá on the other hand is a great change and uses Gaeilge is a fun way and I must say I loved listening to it during my breakfast this morning. While I didnt understand everyword said, I caught the idea of what the presenters were saying and I think it will be my station of choice in future. I think it is only on FM for Seachtain Na Gaeilge but hopefully it will be for much longer, mar tá sé ar fheabhas!

Tá Raidio Rí-Rá ar fhail i Baile Átha Cliath (100.3FM), Corcaigh (106.7FM), Gallimh (99.1FM) agus Luimneach (105.5FM). Tá Raidió Rí-Rá ag craoladh ar-líne 24 uair a chloig sa lá 365 freisin.

I hope to increase my use of Irish on the internet, so watch out for #gael tweets and Facebook updates as Gaeilge from me!

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More Digital Radio

After blogging about RTÉ’s Digital Radio last night I discovered two more DAB Stations in Ireland. They are, and Raidió Rí-Rá (which I only found tonight!). The three stations are run by Digital Radio Ltd.

Mocha Radio is a station all about r’n’b and soul. They aim for “Smooth Hits with a Kick”. A good station that I have enjoyed listening too!

All 80s is just what it says on the tin, a radio channel blasting out all the tunes you have forgotten from the 1980’s. Whats more they have developed a cool web enhancement which allows you to rate and comment on the song playing but also request songs, which you can also do on the website! web enhancement

Raidió Rí-Rá is an Irish language station that is supported by Chonradh na Gaeilge. It is run by Raidió X Teoranta in conjunction with Digital Radio Ltd. Its a really cool station as you vote for the song you vote for the song you want played! And as I type this the song I voted for is on!

Comhghairdeas! Chuir tusa ‘Pink – So What’ ar liosta na n-amhrán is mó tóir orthu. Seinnfear laistigh de 10 nóiméad é

Thats the lovely message you get when you vote!

Check them out! I so want a DAB Radio now but there is no point till they pass the Broadcasting bill…

RTÉ Digital Radio

Since I got online this evening I have been listening to the 6 new Digital Radio Channels launched by RTÉ today. The 6 channels are: RTÉ Choice, RTÉ Junior, RTÉ Gold, RTÉ 2XM, RTÉ Pulse and RTÉ Chill. You can listen to them via DAB Radio’s or on the web via Real Player or Windows Media.

A look at the stations.

RTÉ Choice is a mainly non-music channel. It features content from RTÉ Radio, BBC World Service, America’s National Public Radio (NPR) network, Deutsche Welle, Radio Netherlands, Radio France International among others.

RTÉ Junior is RTÉ’s kids channel. I obviously missed all the programming for the day. It is aimed at children aged 2 to 12 the station will broadcast chart music, nursery rhymes and bedtime stories.

RTÉ Gold is a playlist radio station with no talking! Which is both good and bad. No annoying presenters, but how do you find out what the song is called!!! RTÉ Gold features music from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. They also include album tracks that might not have been released. Which exasperates the no presenter problem in my mind!

RTÉ 2XM is RTÉ 2FM’s sister station and features alternative music from both international and local artists. This channel has plenty of shows using DJ’s from 2FM and new DJ talent to come up with some highly interesting looking shows.

RTÉ Pulse is RTÉ dance station and is really cool in my opinion. I have turned into a dance head recently. Whats really interesting about RTÉ Pulse is that at 8pm on Wednesday there will be a Gay show on it called “The Cosmopolitan” presented by Scott De Buitléir and it will be in Irish and English. The blurb of the show is as follows

Join Scott De Buitléir every Wednesday evening on The Cosmopolitan from 6pm (8pm??). Scott will provide high-quality dance floor remixes of what’s currently topping the charts as well as plenty information and all the latest news for the LGBT communities around Ireland. Mixes will come from the likes of the Freemasons and Richi Rich, along with the best broadcasts from Gaydar Radio. Think of it as a pre-clubbing event, coming to you from your very own radio!

Scott began working as a presenter for various different radio stations since he was 15 and won Comórtas Réalt DJ (in association with Foras na Gaeilge and TG4) at the age of 18 in 2006.

He is also hot!

I am looking forward to listening to the show on Wednesday it should be interesting! Especially the fact that RTÉ will be rebroadcasting Gaydar Radio!!!!!

RTÉ Chill starts at 9pm -7am and is a playlist only station playing an eclectic mix of ambient, electronica and chill out
music from the ‘80s to the present day. Not my cup of tea normally but I might listen to it

My Radio Station!

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Its kinda eclectic! but thats what im into!

Cork Talks Back

Heres a link to download to an interview to a friend of mine in a County Cork Town on Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry. linky!!