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Off To Germany

Check it out!

Youtube Sing along

Knights of the Round Table (sing-along) – Monty Python

Breaking free sing-a-long

Avril Lavigne -Girlfriend Video + Lyrics

A Spoonful Of Sugar Sing Along

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sing Along


Flying The Flag (For You) – Karaoke Version

Youtube Stuff – Choirs

Smells like teen spirit – Scala & Kolacny Brother

Scala and Kolacny Bros – U2 With or Without You

Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Friday I’m In Love (The Cure)

Helsinki Complaints Choir

Complaints Choir of Birmingham

As It Happens Complaints Choir

St. Petersburg Complaints Choir

Notes on the interweb!

A cool website monitoring Irish Media reporting on mental health and suicide. Headline.ie

Another excellent website launching this friday! Stampoutstigma.ie

I cant find the Cork South Docklands Loacal Area Plan any where, if anyone has it could they send it to me?? thanks!

Loving this song!

My Chemical Romance – Teenagers

Excellent article from the gaurdian, ment to post it ages ago!

Facebook has gotten some cool applications!!! 50% of my firends support the democrats and 50% support the republicans

The new Vital Statistics survey is live

Loving this song also!!
Hellogoodbye- Here (In Your Arms)

I have a habit of going on gaydar. (The guys on the front page are hot!!)

I should really write my policy proposals before i go back to work.

Back to work on Thursday!

The sweat is dripping off me, and not in a good way!

Notes on a Train

Random thoughts on the 11:00 Dublin to Cork Train

Fine Gael won the election so stop asking me if I’m happy with the election!

A downturn is coming in the economy and people know it. Watch the number of Penny’s bags the next time your in Town.

The Following Drag queens rock (in no particular order!)
*Regina George
*Fabula Di Marchais
*Destiny Jones
*Kitty Cartier
*Lady Face – Veda and Devina
*Panti (all hail)
*Joanna Ryde
*Aine Climax

Cork needs a LUAS

The B’house is cool 😉

I like the new CIE trains

Kinlay house is a great place to stay – its near all the Gay Bars!!!!

Lemonjelly is gorgeous and the staff are hot!!!!

This weather is killing me….

I found Today FM’s HQ by accident….

Transgendered rights more improtant then Civil Partnerships.

Launch of Dublin Pride was fab. Must try and get to the Parade on the 23rd of this month!

Cork Pride was fab – I came second in the mince marathon!!!

The Parade was well better this year like!

I say ‘like’ a lot – especially when it’s pointed out to me

I dropped out of college :-O

Cant get this song out of my head!

I must go to Dublin more often…. but not by train €40 student return jaysus!!!

Must start blogging regularly again. Excuses:
*General Election

Dan Boyle travles by train…. hes two carriages back

Why is Paris Hilton on the front page of the Irish Examiner…. Who gives a shit – stupid bitch.

ISL should be thought to all children. I will teach mine.

I need to think of a drag name!

Your Drag Queen Name Is:

Felicia Fellatio

Anyone know where i can get men’s size 10 (UK) heels in Ireland?? Preferable Cork!

My hangover is subsiding!

I love free beer….

This is a cool song

Thats all he wrote!