How do we get Same Sex Marriage? Step 1: Register to Vote

Voter Registration 6/14/08 #2
Voter Registration 6/14/08 #2 (Photo credit: John of Lebanon)

I posted on Sunday after the Constitutional Convention that it will be more than likely Autumn 2014 before we see any referendum vote on Same Sex Marriage. There will be many steps on the road to winning this referendum, but we have start at the basics. And now is the perfect time to start!

Register to Vote!

From my experience, young people and members of the LGBT people are not that great at registering to vote and actually voting. But this will be the first key step in ensuring that we can win a referendum on same sex marriage.

While there will be a vote on lowering the voting age to 16 before this referendum, depending on the Governments response to the Convention report on lowering the voting age, it is still hugely important that people are on the Register of Electors

The Register of Electors is done up once a year and while you can always register for the Supplementary Register before the referendum this can be quite rushed as you must have the forms filled in two weeks before the referendum date.

You can register to vote using this form.

Your Registered? Good, but are your details correct?

This can be a big thing. While we always remember to tell friends and the various companies we deal with any changes to our address, how many of us remember to move our vote?

This is a major inconvenience when you go to try to vote! Make sure your details are correct on and if they are not, or you plan on moving, use this form to update your details

Now Vote!

Ok so you have done all that! Excellent! Now get used to voting. Make sure you cast your vote at every election and referendum and get used to the idea of visiting the polling station so you know how it all works and of course how long it takes so you can factor it in on the day of the vote!

Also remember that by voting for people who support Same Sex Marriage in the Local and European Elections will also help push it along! It is a good bit away but no harm in starting now!

But Who Can Vote?

When it comes to referendums and Presidential elections in Ireland, only Irish Citizens can vote.

British Citizens may vote and Dáil, Local and European Elections.

European Union Citizens may vote at Local and European Elections.

Non-EU Citizens can only vote in Local Elections.

I’m sure many college based LGBT Groups will be running Register to Vote Campaigns when the Colleges go back this Autumn, but it is just as important for non-college based groups whether they be youth groups, sports groups or dining groups that they urge their members to register to vote and vote!

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Have your say in the Presidential Election

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After Wednesday the 28th of September the nominations for the Irish Presidential Election will be over and the focus will turn to the voters and what we think.

As the elections is on Thursday 27th October, the deadline for registering to vote is Monday 10th of October.

To see if you are registered go to

Application forms can be downloaded or else obtained from local authorities.

To be eligible for inclusion in the supplement to the register a person must be an Irish citizen, must be 18 years of age by polling day and must be ordinarily resident in the State.

So have your say in who will be our President for the 7 years!

Register to vote!


Are You Registered To Vote?

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The deadline to register on the electoral register for the October 2nd referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is fast approaching. You have until September 15th to register. So head on over to to make sure you are registered and down. If you arent on the register download form RFA2 (PDF), fill in and send to the Franchise Department in your local council by 5:00pm on September 15th you will be included on the register. That is to say it must be in the office by that time, so do it by Friday to ensure you get on the register.

Dont let others use your vote! Make sure you are registered and vote!

  • The First Web-Roundup of Lisbon II is here!! (
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