First Junior Minister Resigns

Willie Penrose TD and Minister of State at Department of Environment, Community & Local Government with responsibility for Housing & Planning has resigned from the Cabinet and from the Labour Party. Penrose was a Super Junior Minister meaning he was entitled to attend all Cabinet meetings.

He has resigned over the issue of the closure of Columb Barracks in Mullingar which is within his constituency.

He has issued this statement (from


It was regret that I tendered my resignation as Minister of State at the Dept of the Environment today.

Over recent weeks and months, I had made my clear unstinting opposition to proposals to close Columb Barracks in Mullingar, so arising from a decision that was made at cabinet today, I had no alternative but to take this course of action.

I fully appreciate that difficult decisions have to be made by the Govt if we are to get out of the economic mess in which we have found ourselves, but I was not prepared to stand over a decision that was not backed up by the facts and figures.

In the context of collective cabinet responsibility, and given my vociferous opposition to this proposal, I could not continue in Govt, and so have tendered my resignation to the Tanaiste, the Taoiseach and the Labour Whip.

I understand and appreciate that significant efforts were made by my Labour colleagues in Govt, who fully understood the depths of my feelings in this regard, to resolve this matter, but to no avail.

While I will no longer hold the Labour whip, I will continue to serve the people of Longford Westmeath as an active and vocal public representative.

While this will not make much of an difference to Government numbers, it may be a wake up call to Labour Ministers that at the end of the day its their constituencies that matter and with €3.8bn worth of cuts to come, it will be a hard time for them at home.

De Burca’s Gone

Green Party (Ireland)
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I didn’t see this coming, but Green Senator Deirdre De Burca has resigned from the Green Party and the Seanad! This is the second high profile resignation this week.

De Burca has left due to not being able to support the Government, in a statement she said:

“I have written to my party leader, John Gormley, explaining to him the reasons for my resignation. I believe that we have lost our way as a party and have gradually abandoned our values and our integrity since becoming part of this government.”

“I do not take the decision to tender my resignation lightly but am very clear that I cannot continue to be a part of what the Green Party is supporting in Government.”

This may rock the Greens a bit and is the most high profile resignation they have seen since becoming part of the coalition Government.

It also takes the pressure off Enda Kenny and Fine Gael for a bit!

Irish Times Story

UPDATE: Read the full resigantion letter on  Deirdre’s website, fairly interesting stuff!

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Song: I Will Resign

To The Tune Of “I Will Survive”


First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking Mahon would find out
About my takings on the side
And I spent so many nights
Thinking how I got it wrong
But I grew strong
When I learned how to play along

But then the banks
Those fecking guys
They went and showed the jaysis court
That I got cash from the UK
I shouldn’t have lodged that bloody sterling
I could’ve spent it on me holidays
If I had known for just one second
All the questions it would raise

So off I go, I’ll walk out the door
I’ll go to ground now
‘Cause I’m not welcome anymore
Weren’t you the ones who said it’s time to say goodbye?
Health service crumbled
Property market died

Oh no! Now I
I will resign
Now the shit has hit the fan
And the country’s in decline
I’ve done my share of theft
And no credibility left
So I’ll resign
I will resign

It took all the guile I had
To look the injured part
Keep trying to pretend
The public broke my heart
And I spend oh so many nights
Just looking sorry for myself
But I’m good at lyin’
Inside I’m laughing all the time

And you’ll soon see me
Somebody new
I’ll get my government pension
Hey I’m not done with screwing you
I know how to milk the state
I learned all yer tricks, Haughey
Now I’m saving all my backhanders
For an island off Kerry

Ho ho! Now I
I will resign
And I’ll get three hundred grand
Instead of doing any time
I’ve got an easy life to live
Two fucks I couldn’t give
About your cryin’
When I resign…

USI Mess

Well I read with much disappointment what happened at National Council in Galway. I must say though that USI is worse off without Steven Conlon. I had the pleasure of working for two years with Steven when he was on LGBT Working Group and when he was LGBT Rights officer. I am sure Steven had the best intentions when he wrote the memo. Its a pity that it was leaked and he had to resign.

When Steven was LGBT RO he revitalised the campaign and we got sooo much coverage due to his hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steven, and I know he will go far whatever he ends uo doing due to his hard work ethic and skills.

USI has a lot of work to do now, it always did. The LGBT Campaign was and still is the most high profile part of the union. USI needs to go back to its roots.

Thats all I will say on the matter, apart from UCC SU are in a bot of trouble with there class council

Rabbite to resign

Pat Rabbite looks likely to resign at 3:30pm today! Could be an interesting leadership election!