Cork North Central Bye-election Results

Below are the results of the Cork North Central Bye-election

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#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork South West Results

Cork South West LEA Results

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#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork North East Results

Cork North East Results

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#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork North West Results

Cork North West Results

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#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork South Central Results

Cork South Central Results:

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#LE19: Cork City Council – Cork South East Results

Cork South East Ward results

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“A historic day” – A Look back on a campaign

2015-05-17 11.51.40Its been awhile since I blogged and I only managed one post here during the referendum campaign itself, I felt I was playing a greater role through working with the amazing team in YesEquality Cork and Faith in Marriage Equality.

It was very tough campaign, but the result was phenomenal.

But not only was the result phenomenal, but the volunteers were phenomenal. Having been involved in Referendums and Election Campaigns in the past, I have never felt part of something bigger then me, or been involved in something that would have such a profound impact on me.

Across the campaign I was blown away by the enthusiasm of those involved in the campaign, not only from the LGBT Community but from those who were not going to be directly effected by this vote, but that they were doing it for friends, for family members or because they believed it was the right thing to do.

The Community though were by far the stars for me. It has always been described as a community, but I must say, despite having involved in Cork Pride and other groups, I never felt part of ‘community’. That changed in this campaign. They stood up, went outside their comfort zone and got involved.

2015-05-14 11.08.43At the beginning of this campaign I was worried about this. How do we get those who’s idea of a community was a pub, out campaigning. But I didn’t need to worry. Once the campaign got going they were there. They were helping prepare for canvass’s, they were answering phones, making badges, knocking on doors. The passion, the importance, the integrity, it just blew me away.

Across the country from Donegal to Wexford  people stood up to be counted. They campaigned Monday to Sunday, sun-up to sun-down, and convinced the people on the ground on how important a Yes Vote was.

And it worked. It worked hugely. The Yes Campaign managed to catch the imagination of the electorate and that was evident in the result.

On the campaign, it had some of my best and some of hardest canvasses that I have ever did.  It was often though going on the door, basically asking for my right to Marry, but some nights the reaction was just mind-blowing. Some nights the reaction wasn’t great, being told to “f**k off” or that is what “unnatural”, but the nights I was hugged or rewarded big smiles did make it worth it.

2015-05-18 19.44.42I also had some first’s in the campaign. Publishing my first Election Material, a faith based letter giving out at churches across Cork (Big thank you to YesEquality Cork for this!), and running the tally in Cork City Hall. Of course I was well used to canvassing, I had never led canvass’s before so this was another ‘first’, but one that many in this campaign can share. It was amazing out on the ground with YesEquality Cork which can be seen in all the Selfies from the campaign trail!

The result though was better then anything I ever expected. A 62% yes vote was out of this world and better then I ever expected. As anyone who say me on the day of the results (and the days after) knows how emotional I was and its only now that I was feeling ok enough to write this without crying!

What we did, as a campaign, as a country, was historic. We made many people’s hopes possible. We completed a path, that many before us laid. We can be very proud of what we did, while there are still many equality issues in Ireland to be fixed, this is one less issue.

I know I can’t wait for Cork Pride this year!

#SE11: Count 1 Tally Results.

Here are the first tally results for the Cultural and Education Panel:

1. Gilroy Lab 157
2. Byrne FF 129
3. O Murchu FF 105
4. Clune FG 103
5. Walsh FF 85
6. Mullins FG 77
7. McCartin FG 68
8. Ormonde FF 66
9. Tormey FG 49
10. Quinlan FG 47
11. Boyhan IND 44
12. Kennedy FG 32
13. Hogan FG 27
14. Irish FG 25
15. Quinn FG 23
16. Delaney FG 16
17. O’Dea FG 11

See previous post for the background. Still waiting on the official result.

Also, Molly Buckley (FG) is on the Admin Panel and not Cultural and Educational

[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 2 Results

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So after a very under whelming Eurovision semi, where I was certainly not impressed by the interval act. Ireland didn’t qualify which was disappointing as they were fantastic! So who qaulified? and how were my predictions?

  • Greece (Predicted)
  • Denmark
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine (Predicted)
  • Norway (Predicted)
  • Moldova (Predicted)
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

So I got four out of ten. Which is terrible in comparison to Tuesday. But hat can you do!

I wont be tweeting the final as a a few friends are coming over to watch it. I will probably be supporting Germany in the final!

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Welsh Elections

Well all of the constituencies in Wales have declared and four of the five lists have also been declared.

The state of the Parties
Labour 26
Plaid Cymru 13
Conservatives 11
Liberal Democrats 5
Others 1

Thats means its a coalition government for Cardiff Bay, just like Holyrood. Likly Coalitions include Lab/LD and Lab/PC of course once the final list is known you could have a grand coalition of PC/Con/LD/Oth. There will be interesting negotiations ahead.