Review of Fenn’s Quay Restaurant

Fenn’s Quay Restaurant,

Sheeres Street,

Last Monday on our staff night out we went to Fenn’s Quay for a meal. And may I say what a meal. The staff were lovely and efficent. The place was well laid out, comfortable and relaxing. And the food was amazing!

The manager recommended a lovely bottle of wine to me, which I have since forgotten the name of, as I was very drunk, but it was an unusual name. I had the warm chicken salad for starters and as I am not normally a starter person so I was not sure what to expect. It was delicious crispy chicken! So would love some again!

For main course I had an 8oz fillet steak cooked rare and it was amazing! Served with it was some of the nicest wedges I had in a long time (that weren’t cooked by the mother that is!). I was good and didn’t have a desert, but the people who did said it was gorgeous.

Overall this Restaurant is what people have being saying and is worth a visit!

Rated 5/5 on Nov 29 2008
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Reviews: Japanes Aimation Programme and Mexican Shorts 1

Well yesterday I went to the above mentioned screenings. The Japanese Animation Programme was amazing! All the shorts were from Open Art who specialise in short animations. A few of the shorts in that stood out. One was “Fishermen”, the last short shown. It was an excellent short film on a world with out oceans! It was fantastic, the animation was out of this world! The film had everyone glued to it, an excellent piece. Another was “The Happy Thermometer” which can be viewed on Open Art’s PodCast (Quicktime req). Another good animation which was funny at the start but has a turn! Do watch it!

The Mexican Shorts were, ahm, different. The majority in yesterdays screening concerned death, either suicide or murder or just plane disappearance. “Una Bala” (One Bullet) was amazing film about someone who tries to commit sucide but keeps finding people who should accompany him. A fantastic short with an unexpected twist! Always good in a short film! La Partida (Departure) was another good one. In this short you heard what a partly deaf woman hears as she struggles through her day and what she hears through her hearing aid. You do not see what she sees, but the hearing gives the film something totally different. I was hooked on it over it! Los Maravillosos Olores De La Vida (The Wonderful Scents of Life) was another excellent film, all about some ones love of killing. Well worth seeing.

Today I am going to see Spinnin’ at 15:30 in the Gate Cinema and tonight I am going to the Blindness, tonights gala in the Opera House. Should be fun.

A quick review

The Uncommon Reader The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I couldn’t put this book down, then again it is a short book, but so worth it! This short book had me in its grasp and made sure I finished it in one sitting. Its not that hard its 121 pages long. Bennet writes this book in such a way that you could see this happening to the Queen. A fabulous story full of royal intrigue, which before reading this I didn’t think could be squeezed into a book this short! A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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The Man in the High Castle The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

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A strange but interesting book. I really enjoyed reading this book and it had me hooked but the heading was a little strange for me. The author really dose well in conjuring up this other world where the Germans and the Japanese have won the war, the resulting situation is easily plausible. But there is something about the ending that annoys me, it just ends and I can’t fathom it. An enjoyable read none the less.

International Organization: Polity, Politics and Policies International Organization: Polity, Politics and Policies by Volker Rittberger

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This book is a wonderful exploration of the world of international organisations. The book clearly lays out how they are influenced and what they can do. It sets out a system of classifying international organisations basing it on on their inputs, process and outputs, not just on the regional or international competences. A highly interesting read

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin

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This is an excellent book which had me enjoying every page! The story twists and turns through Toytown following Jack and Eddie as they try to work out the whos committing these dastardly deeds! An enjoyable read!

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Some recent good reads

Here are some books that have been keeping me company over the last few months

Moments That Changed Us Moments That Changed Us by Colum Kenny

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This book is a must for anyone who is interesting in the changes that have made Irish society what it is today. From the divorce and abortion referendums to the court cases that changed how we viewed things. An excellent read.

An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: (or 2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots In Charge) An Utterly Impartial History of Britain: by John O’Farrell

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Like History? Like comedy? Then this is for you. This book mocks its way through 2000 years of British history mainly to prove that the British aren’t British but a hodgepodge of invaders and who ruled by alot of idiots from 45 BC right up to 1945. An excellent read that had me in stitches at times.

A Short History of Nearly Everything A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Interested in Science? Then read this. An excellent book that will have you wishing you studied science instead of politics in Uni! (For a few moments anyway!) It answers all the question from across the realms of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology. Packed full of useless information to amaze your friends, such as “Did you know the entirety of Yellowstone National Park is a Volcano?” (Well really a hotspot). Bryson is unbeatable with his writing and makes science something really interesting and funny! He not only charts the discoveries but also the people behind them and his descriptions are fantastic! Well worth the read, makes me yearn for the school laboratory again.

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My Opinion on Pinhole Glasses

So yes, I am starting to do reviews. I was approached recently to do a review of pinhole glasses. I received the glasses over a week ago and have been using them.

Pinhole Glasses are for people suffering from Myopia, Presbyopia, Hyperopia, Cataracts and Astigmatism who feel that prescription glasses are not doing the best for them. Now I must admit I was skeptical about the glasses as I have a blind spot and I was unsure how the Pinhole technique would work. But I must say I was surprised and have noticed I can watch TV and films just as well (if not better) then with my prescription glasses.

So how do they work?

Pinhole Glasses work by feeding the pupil with direct rays as far as possible. Light rays coming at extreme angles require a large amount of refraction by your lens to form the correct image. Wearing pinhole glasses prevent these rays from entering your eyes. This checks them from distorting the image and consequently you see a better image. This image is of better definition, clarity and brightness.

This is something I have noticed, that the TV no longer has blurry edges and I no longer miss small things in films, which I can never see!


No peripheral vision!! You should not wear these glasses driving and even walking in them can be dangerous at times unless you know your surroundings. I would also not recommend wearing them outside unless you like getting stared at. Then again when wearing these glasses you wont see them!


As the website claims pinhole eyeglasses are affordable being priced at $14.99 (about €10) which these glasses certainly are worth.

Is there any one who can’t use pinhole glasses?

People with refractory errors of 6 diopters or more, may find little benefit from pinhole glasses.

My Impression?

As you can see from the picture the pinhole glasses look good and I don’t mind wearing them as I don’t look as dorky as I do with my normal glasses. I am even wearing them writing this and notice a huge difference as it takes my eyes less time to focus on the screen as there is no distractions.

The glasses can be easily ordered from the website: