Normality – for a bit & Cologne & Rotterdam Memories

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So I am back in Ireland after my holidays. It was great so things shall return to normal on the blog. Well until the weekend as I’m off on Cub Pack Camp to Fota Scout Campsite in Co. Cork. So dont expect a lot over the next few days as I work the germanisms out of my system!! I found myself better at German this time round so even though I was there for only a week I could understand and speak more german then when i was there for five months!!! Crazy like!!

This morning was the weirdest thing ever though. Me and Elain got on the wrong train to Koln/Bonn Flugaehen. So we had to go back to the Hauptbahnhof. Who was on the platform but one of my friends, Helene, who I wasnt able to meet with due to other things. Why was she there? Cause she missed her train! Faith or what!!

It was seriously great to see everyone again also. Huge thanks to Elaine for putting me up and feeding me! Also to her kids (and cats!) who kept me entertained!! I made some new friends and it was certainly great to see my old friends from Cologne also!

Now for Rotterdam. I was named as one of the quality bloggers in the comnpetition, and I won an iPhone!! It was an amzing time and great to meet the other Th!nkers who had I had been interacting with on comments and stuff.

Th!nk will be continuing but its focus will be changing to the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in the Autumn. I think it is a pity because there is a need for a group EU blog in my opinion, without the compertition. Maybe a few of us will get together and set one up? If anyone is interested let me know at Stephen[AT]stephenspillane[DOT]com.

Anyways, back to jobhunting and blogging until Friday!

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Cringe!! Th!nk Interview

So yea, I got sent the link of my th!nk interview! (Thanks Mantas!) So raather then let you people find it, here it is! The questions I am answering are:

1) what you think about the EP election results in your home country and 2) what have you learned from the project.


I never realised I sounded so Irish!! Really in my head I dont sound so Irish…

Tips for future interviews greatly received!

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Morning from Rotterdam!

Well I am holidays, well kind of! I am at the finale. We have a day lined up and a boat trip, its going to fun.

So far I have gotten to meet two of my favourite European Bloggers. Julien Frisch and Joesef