Ireland for Europe still in the Red!

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I got an email today from Ireland for Europe. I really wasn’t expecting to be getting an email from them.

It turns out that Ireland for Europe are still in existence as they are in a debt of about €150,000. They are blaming the spending of the no side for this.

So to tackle this they are organising an event. An €160 a head one!! I dont see many people signing up for this one!

I reproduce the email below.

Dear friend,Under the leadership of Pat Cox, Ireland for Europe ran a very successful Lisbon campaign and we collected significant funds through various fund raising activities. However, with the late escalation of the ‘No’ campaign we found it necessary to intensify our campaign efforts during the last two weeks and this has resulted in a campaign deficit of circa €150,000. We are addressing this with various activities.

One significant fund raising activity we are planning is a pre St.Patricks Day Gala Dinner on the 16th March 2010  to which we would hope to attract a wide range of people and the civic society groupings who have clearly benefited from the resounding Yes vote. Plans are at an early stage but we do plan to have a keynote speaker and suitable entertainment. Apart from being a fund raising event with tables of ten at €1600 per table (€160 per head), we plan that it will be a great Social evening celebrating the outcome of the referendum.

We would be grateful if you would note the date and event in your Diary and help us make a great success of the evening by selling tables for the Dinner. Fionnuala Keane (  will be coordinating table/ticket sales and she will be pleased to advise you as required.  We will confirm programme details shortly but kindly reserve your table now!

Ireland for Europe was the coming together of Groups from throughout the country in a focused and concerted effort to do what was right for Ireland. You might feel that your participation in this final event will help bring to a conclusion this great National effort and to harness the energy for continuing engagement.

Best Regards,

Pat Cox, DirectorBrigid Laffan, Chairperson

Brendan Halligan, National Campaign Coordinator


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Lá Fheile Pádraig Sona Daoibh!

I hope you are all enjoying your St. Patricks Day. I for one have spent most of the actual day in bed. I had to get up early this morning and bring the Macoaimh (Cub Scouts) to mass. So I went back to bed afterwards.

So whats the point of this post? I was going to do a post like this but then decided, why should I be posting about that on what is our National Day as well as being Lá na Gaeilge?

We Irish have a stereotype, of being drunk on St. Patricks Day, but something the priest said at mass today had me thinking. Today is day we celebrate the acheivments of forefathers, the acheivments of the Irish Nation, which we we can be proud of. Ireland can stand tall has a modern, diverse country. It is progressive and (slowly but surely) moving forward. While he went on a bit about religion and faith (I zoned out, the boys must thing Im an awful heathen but Im not bothered) I couldnt get those points out of my head. Why are we as a nation going out and getting drunk on a Tuesday? We have work tomorrow people! Let us instead look at teh acheivements of our ancestors and think, right if thay can do that, we can do more!

Cheannaigh mé Buntás Cainte Cuid a hAon agus Cuid a Dó sna Eason de hAoine seo caite agus tá sé ar fheabhas! Foghlaim a lán rud a fágach mé i na bliana seo caite. I do recommend it for people who want to learn a smattering of words that can be used everyday day! It does need updating though as it goes on about Pounds, Shillings and Pence!

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