Merry Christmas

ChristmasImage via WikipediaHeres wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas. I hope Santa is good to you.

Blogging will resume after Christmas Day as more then likely I will be bored on St. Stephen’s Day!

Have a wonderful Christmas.


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Track Santa

Every year NORAD, who are responsible for North American Air Defence, track Santa’s journey around the Globe. They have a website which is fantasic (and tells me that he is leaving in 13hrs!) and they have integrated with Google Earth so you can track Santa via that or via video, which is probably what I will be doing! Bitz, one Santa’s elfs, has discovered Twitter and is helping Norad track santa using that!

You can embed a map tracking santa on your site here like I have done below!

Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you when he reaches you and you are well tucked up in bed like I will be!!

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