Eurovision 2016 – Semi Final 2 Results

semi2qualifiersThe Second Semi Final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest took place tonight in Stockholm and what a Semi it was. From start to finish, Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw but on an amazing show. Well done to the host broadcaster SVT, I’m really looking forward to Saturdays show! (I especially liked Mans here…)

The show started off with an amazing opening act on “What is Eurovision?” Do watch it, it reminded me of the interval act from 2013, the Swedish Smörgåsbord  also starring Petra.

We also got a bit of history of the Eurovision Song Contest in the form of Numbers which amazed the nerds like me…

So on to the qualifiers. The ten countries that made it to the Grand Final are:

  • Latvia
  • Georgia
  • Bulgaria
  • Australia
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia
  • Poland
  • Israel
  • Lithuania
  • Belgium

So hard luck to Ireland, Switzerland, Belarus, FYR Macedonia, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway and Albania who don’t make it through.

For those wondering I got 9/10 again on my predictions! Damn you Georgia!

We shall find out the running order for the final tomorrow ahead of the Jury Final tomorrow night. Join me again on the @UCCExpress Twitter account for some views and opinions on the final which will air at 8pm on Saturday Night on RTÉ One with Marty Whelan and on BBC One with Graham Norton.


Eurovision 2016 – Semi Final 2 Predictions

eurovision-rte-1Tonight the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 takes place in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. Another 18 countries are battling it out for the remaining 10 places in Saturdays Grand Final.

Tonight of course is a big night for Irish Eurovision fans, as Nicky Byrne will be flying the flag for us and performing 7th tonight.

As well as the 18 countries taking part, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom will be voting. We will also get to see snippets of their rehearsals after the voting window has closed.

Here’s a reminder of what we will be seeing tonight and here’s the preview I wrote

So who will qualify?

In no particular order

  • Bulgaria
  • Australia
  • Serbia
  • Latvia
  • Israel
  • Ukraine
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • FYR Macedonia

Do you agree? Let me know your predictions in the comments!

Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 2 will be shown tonight at 8pm on RTÉ 2 with Marty Whelan or on BBC 4 with Scott Mills and Mel Giedroyc

I shall be tweeting from @UCCExpress throughout the show.

[Eurovision 2010] Semi Final Two Preview and Predictions

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Welcome to the second of my Preview and Prediction posts for this years Eurovision.  Today I am looking at Semi-Final Two which happens on Thursday 27th of May and features Ireland! This will be the one to watch for us! There are 17 entries in this Semi. It is also a very strong Semi, so it will be very competitive. This Semi also sees the UK and Norway voting.

On to the songs..

1. LithuaniaInCulto “Eastern European Funk

This is a nice funky start to this semi. Its upbeat and fun. Could do well.

2. ArmeniaEva Rivas “Apricot Stone

This is a nice song from Armenia. But the curse of second place may come haunting…

3. IsraelHarel Skaat “Milim (מילים, Words)

This is one of this years favourites and is currently third in the betting stakes. I can see why. Its a very powerful ballad, but it does stand out to the others. We see how it goes.

4. DenmarkChanée and N’evergreen “In A Moment Like This

This is my favourite of this years entries! There performance at this years Danish final was amazing! If they pull it off at Eurovision they are in strong contention to win. This just adds to my love of Danish entries at Eurovision!

5. SwitzerlandMichael von der Heide “Il pleut de l’or (Its Raining Gold)

I don’t know what to make of this song… or him. Im totally confused…. I sort of like it though…

6. SwedenAnna Bergendahl “This is my Life

Wow, this is a very strong entry. I really enjoy it. A nice uplifting song. Fabulous vocals from Anna. Will do very well I think!

7. AzerbaijanSafura Alizadeh “Drip Drop

This another one of the favourites and I see why. It is a really good song. enjoyable and the backing dancers…. well….

8. UkraineAlyosha “Sweet People

I am disappointed with the Ukraine’s entry this year. Gone are the energetic songs that they did so well with. I don’t like it.

9. NetherlandsSieneke “Ik ben verliefd (Sha-la-lie) (I’m in Love (Sha-la-lie))

This seems to hark back to entries of bygone days for the Netherlands. Its a fun song though and different! I like it.

10. RomaniaPaula Seling and Ovi “Playing with Fire

This is a really cool song. You can see why this semi is a strong one now can’t you.

11. SloveniaAnsambel Roka Žlindre and Kalamari “Narodnozabavni rock

This song is a brilliant mix of modern rock and traditional balkan music. Its a bit of fun,and a good entry!

12. IrelandNiamh Kavanagh “It’s For You

Come on Niamh! This is a excellent entry from Ireland. Its catching ballad that really shows off Niamh vocal skills. Hopefully she will have the stage presence like she did in 1993!

13. BulgariaMiro -“Angel si ti (Ангел си ти, Your an Angel)

This is another good song. Fast paced and catchy.

14. CyprusJon Lilygreen and The Islanders “Life Looks Better in the Spring

This is a nice song. A gentle song with a nice chorus. I don’t think it will get out of the semi though.

15. CroatiaFeminnem “Lako Je Sve (Everythig is Easy)

So Feminnem are back. This time for Croatia, and this time with less of a pop song. It would seem that they have matured. Its a powerful song though.

16. GeorgiaSopho Nizharadze “Shine

This is a nice gentle ballad. Sopho is an amazing singer.

17. TurkeymaNga “We Could be the Same

Not a great fan of this song. Its okayish.

Prediction time! So ten of these entries will progress. My guesses are in no particlar order

  1. Denmark
  2. Sweden
  3. Israel
  4. Ireland
  5. Romania
  6. Georgia
  7. Slovenia
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Croatia
  10. Cyprus

What do you think?

See Part one here

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[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 2 Results

The modern logo was introduced for the 2004 Co...
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So after a very under whelming Eurovision semi, where I was certainly not impressed by the interval act. Ireland didn’t qualify which was disappointing as they were fantastic! So who qaulified? and how were my predictions?

  • Greece (Predicted)
  • Denmark
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine (Predicted)
  • Norway (Predicted)
  • Moldova (Predicted)
  • Croatia
  • Albania
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

So I got four out of ten. Which is terrible in comparison to Tuesday. But hat can you do!

I wont be tweeting the final as a a few friends are coming over to watch it. I will probably be supporting Germany in the final!

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[Eurovision 2009] Semi Final 2 Tonight – Come on Ireland!

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Tonight sees the 2nd Semi Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. Tonight Ireland will be represented by Sinead Mulvely and Black Daisy as they hope to get to Ireland into the final with “Et Cetera”. I will be tweeting during the semi on twitter and most should appear on the liveblog.

So my predictions for tonight are:

  • Greece
  • The Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Ukraine
  • Norway
  • Moldova
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Latvia
  • Serbia

I wonder how many I will get right tonight??? Of course we can vote tonight so do take part!


Full preview of semi 2 is here

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Eurovision, Semi Final Two: Preview and Predictions

I finally get around to previewing the Second Semi, after I previewed the first one last month. Well it is 40 days to the Second Semi which will take place on Thursday, 22nd of May. Just like the first Semi there are 19 participants. I will again make my Kiss of Death Predictions at the end.

Lets start the show!

1. Iceland (RÚV) represented by Euroband singing “This Is My Life
Youtube, Lyrics
This song will get the Semi off to a great start. A good fast paced song. The two singers complement each other really well. Its an excellent song, that should do well, do is up against a few pop/dance songs in this Semi, so could face some challenges.

2. Sweden (PVT) represented by Charlotte Perrelli singing “Hero
Youtube, Lyrics
Charlotte is no stranger to Eurovision having won the 1999 edition for Sweden with “Take Me to Your Heaven“. This is her second crack at Eurovision and it is a good song. A nice upbeat pop song, which the Swedes seam to like entering. I think it will do well.

3. Turkey (TRT) represented by Mor ve Ötesi singing “Deli
Youtube, Lyrics
A rock song! Yay! The first in this semi. Which will set it out from the first two songs, which is important in a music contest. I really like this song, even it is in Turkish. I hope it does well (I used hope, it wont do well! 😛 ) Its a cool video also.

4. Ukraine (NTU) represented by Ani Lorak singing “Shady Lady
Youtube, Lyrics
Well we are back with pop/dance songs, coming after Turkey will benifit this song. I am really liking this song. I have Ukrainian friends here, so maybe thats why! NTU picked good with Ani Lorak. It will do well.

5. Lithuania (LRT) represented by Jeronimas Milius singing “Nomads In The Night
Youtube, Lyrics
The first ballad in this semi, which will probably help Ukraine more then allow this to stand out. I dont like this song. Its too operatic for me. I’m not liking this live version. Maybe Jeronimas will be alright on the night?

6. Albania (RTSH) represented by Olta Boka singing “Zemrën lamë peng
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad, but a better one then Lithuania. I am really liking this song (No, I’m not liking Albania just because they were the only country to vote for Ireland last year!). A very strong chorus, its an impressive song.

7. Switzerland (SRG SSR idée suisse) represented by Paolo Meneguzzi sining “Era Stupendo
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad, but more modern, kind of reminds me of Avril Lavigne. Not sure why! I really like this song. Its melodic, but fast. I think the swiss are on to something here, strange thats its in Italian.

8. Czech Republic (ČT) represented by Tereza Kerndlová sining “Have Some Fun
Youtube, Lyrics
Back to the pop songs. This is a good entry from the Czechs, but pop songs are becoming dominant in this semi, so it could be hard to qualify for the final. I am liking the song anyway.

9. Belarus (BTRC) represented by Ruslan Alehno singing “Hasta la Vista
Youtube, Lyrics
Yet another pop song! But its a good one. This semi could prove hard for the pop entries and neighbourly voting could come into it. Its a good song though.

10. Latvia (LTV) respresented by Pirates Of The Sea singing “Wolves Of The Sea
Youtube, Lyrics
I had to check the date on my Computer, I thought I was back at Karnival! This is the first joke entry for this final, though better then the ones in the first semi final. Its a good song, fast paced and the words make sense, thanks to the costumes! Never knew Latvia had a history of pirates….

11. Croatia (HRT) represented by Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents singing “Romanca
Youtube, Lyrics
A really nice folksy song. Something that will set it apart in this semi. I dont get the old guy, then again I dont speak serbo-croat (or whatever langauge they are speaking).

12. Bulgaria (BNT) represented by Deep Zone & Balthazar singing “DJ, Take Me Away
Youtube, Lyrics
Since I came to Germany, I have gotten into Dance/house music as forcasted by some people in YFG! This song is one of my favourites in this semi. It is excellent. I love the start and the rest of the song! Really looking forward to hearing this out if it wins!

13. Denmark (DR) represented by Simon Mathew singing “All Night Long
Youtube, Lyrics
Now I always love the Danish entry and this year is no exception. It is an excellent sing-a-long type song. I love it.

14. Georgia (GPB) represented by Diana Gurtskaya singing “Peace Will Come
Youtube, Lyrics
Wow, is all I say. This is a fantastic, powerful ballad. I do mean powerful. Only one other ballad has impressed me this much and that was Poland. If the voting public are in the same mood as last year, this well do very well!

15. Hungary (MTV) represented by Csézy singing “Candlelight
Youtube, Lyrics
Another ballad from Hungary. Its a nice melodic song and Csézy is a fantastic singer. It has a fabulous chorus and reminds me of those fantatsic Disney ballads.

16. Malta (MBA) represented by Morena singing “Vodka
Youtube, Lyrics
This song, is one I have mentioned that grows on me. Well it certainly does. Its a fun fast song! A song about alcohol though… hmmm….

17. Cyprus (CyBC) respresented by Evdokia Kadi singing “Femme Fatale
Youtube, Lyrics
I really like this song as it has a really med feel to it. It also has folk influences, which will always endear it to me! But then it speeds up to make it modern. Its a good song, but no Greek votes in this Semi, so gaurenteed votes for Cyprus.

18. F.Y.R. Macedonia (MKRTV) represented by Tamara ft. Vrcak & Adrian Gaxha singing “Let Me Love You
Youtube, Lyrics
A nice song from this balkan ecountry. A nice mix modern and folk influences which have been quite to the fore in this semi, but coming after Cyprus coulkd affect that.

19. Portugal (RTP) represented by Vânia Fernandes singing “Senhora do Mar
Youtube, Lyrics
A ballad to close this semi. Ballads, werent as frequent in this semi as the first one. But do the televoters want another Ballad? It a nice song, but seams fairly bland to me.

So thats it. All 19 entries. Dont forget that France, the UK and Serbia will also be voting in this semi.

Before I give my predictions lets take a look at allkindsofeverthing‘s predictions for the second semi final. By looking at past voting they came up with the following nine entries

* Ukraine
* Hungary
* Bulgaria
* Sweden
* Malta
* Latvia
* Croatia
* Belarus
* FYR Macedonia

So thats their Predictions but what are mine?

Stephen’s Kiss of Death Predictions

So I think the following will get through

* Ukraine
* Sweden
* Bulgaria
* Denmark
* Malta
* Croatia
* Latvia
* Georgia
* FYR Macedonia
* Hungary

There we go. How many will I get right? Time will tell!

Lyrics – Lyrics and Translations
Songs and Running Order – Eurovision Website

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