The Middle Class Do Exist

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In a recent blog post Stephen Kinsella has the following to say about the Middle Class in Ireland:

When you look closely, you see the middle class just doesn’t exist.

While I would agree in principle that on paper and using accepted definintions the middle class in Ireland is very small, but thats not what matters. It is self perception.

When I read his post, I could see myself agreeing but then realising, hang on, thats not how people will perceieve themselves. As we humans are always likely to rate ourselves higher then what statisticians tell us.

Why do I think that? Well look at any of the cities in Ireland you have your areas that are nice to live in, and those that aren’t. Most people *I* think in Ireland would base their social class by where they live.  Not on by the type of job they have or the amount they earn in comparison to the national average.

Its whats how people perceieve themselves that matter, not the box acedemics put them in.

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