Too many Yes Groups?

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Roberts post on IrishElection on Yes Groups for the Lisbon Treaty Referendum has given me some food for thought. Is there too many?

The groups that I know of are:

And thats not counting the Political Parties in favour of the Treaty, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and the Green Party! That is nearly 9 groups. There are probably more!

On the no side we have as Robert points out “Coir, Sinn Fein, Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party and the other lefty fringe groups”. Does this mean that because of the broadcasting act the Yes side could be left without a coherent voice? Each group having only a small amount of time While the No side is able to pick from a small group of people. That is a possibility.

But why is there so many Yes Groups? Robert has one theory

Politicians are not popular right now, so it seems the Yes side’s tactic will be to keep them locked away in their offices

That is one reason yes, but I would add to it. What is your reaction when a politician starts talking about Europe? I switch off, and I am EU-phile. Why? Because they are boring, they try to show off how much they know and basically bore people. The talk about “we europeans” and use cliches like “at the heart of Europe” which means nothing to most people.

Hopefully these groups will be better at talking ordinary language and not high faluting stuff that confuse and bore people. If they don’t, the Yes Vote could be in danger.

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Dublin Central: Donohoe Vs Bacik?

Accroding to an opinion poll in tomorrows Sunday Independent for the Dublin Central the voting figures are as follows.

  • Paschal Donohoe (FG) 28%
  • Ivana Bacik (Lab) 20%
  • Maureen O Sullivan (Ind) 18%
  • Mauice Ahern (FF) 10%
  • Sinn fein (Not Selected) 3%
  • David Geary (Green) 2%
  • Malachy Stenson (SWP) 1%
  • Undecided 18%

Its less then four weeks to the election and it looks like Fianna Fail will be beaten into fourth place in the Dublin Central Byelection. The race for the seat is between Fine Gael Senator Pachal Donohoe and Labour Senator Ivana Bacik. There is only 8% sperating them so it will be an interesting battle. Sinn Fein will poll higher then 3% when they select a candidate, which they would really want to be doing at this point.

Maurice Ahern doesn’t seem to have a hope of winning this seat and it will be between Fine Gael and Labour on who wins the seat. The transfer are what will win it! June 6th will be an interesting day!

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“By George we got Lee”

So George Lee the now former Economics Editor of RTÉ will be standing for Fine Gael in the Dublin South By Election.

Personally I am delighted that George is running for us in Dublin. Hes name was mentioned to me on a number of occasions but I was told he turned us down. How wrong those people were!

George Lee is a man with his finger on the pulse of the Irish Economy. He warned us for years, and people ignored him. But he was right. I hope now he can help improve this country and help fix the mess that Fianna Fail have blindly walked us into. We can no longer ignore it!

It wont be an easy election. No by election is. So far there are six declared candidates for the constituency with Fianna Fail to decide tonight. They have to decide between Shay Brennan and Senator Maria Corrigan.

The other declared candidates are Labour Senator Alex White, Sinn Fein’s  party publicity officer, Shaun Tracey, the Green Party’s Elizabeth Davidson and Socialist Workers Party’s Malachy Steenson. There is also an independent candidate, Ross O’Mulllane who is basing his campaign on this idea. Not sure where that is going and it will work in practice.

Any way, Vote George Lee Number 1 in Dublin South!

(The title of this post came from a tweet by Senattor Jerry Buttimer)

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