Semi-Final Draw [Eurovision 2010]

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The draw took place today for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Ireland has been drawn to be in the second half of the second semi. That semi will take place on the 27th of May.

Here are the results of the Draw.

Semi-Final One, May 25th

  • Serbia (first half)
  • Finland (first half)
  • Russia (first half)
  • Greece (second half)
  • Slovakia (first half)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (first half)
  • Iceland (second half)
  • Moldova (first half)
  • Malta (second half)
  • Portugal (second half)
  • FYR Macedonia (second half)
  • Latvia (first half)
  • Belarus (second half)
  • Belgium (second half)
  • Poland (second half)
  • Albania (second half)
  • Estonia (first half)

Semi Final Two, May 27th

  • Switzerland (first half)
  • Lithuania (first half)
  • Georgia (second half)
  • Turkey (second half)
  • Ireland (second half)
  • Slovenia (second half)
  • Sweden (first half)
  • Ukraine (first half)
  • The Netherlands (second half)
  • Bulgaria (second half)
  • Croatia (second half)
  • Denmark (first half)
  • Azerbaijan (first half)
  • Cyprus (second half)
  • Romania (second half)
  • Israel (first half)
  • Armenia (first half)

It seems to be a good draw for Ireland as no major groups are in the same semi. As in the draw of the which final the big 4 and Norway will vote in the UK were drawn to vote in the second Semi. This is good news!

The result of that draw was:

  • Norway (Second Semi-Final)
  • Germany (First Semi-Final)
  • United Kingdom (Second Semi-Final)
  • Spain (First Semi-Final)
  • France (Second Semi-Final)

Its shaping up to be a good year!

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I have a friend who is big into singing and that and I never heard him sing. Last night he sent me a link  to one of his songs he just put on youtube and its one of my favourite songs by Phil Coulter. The song is Carrickfergus and all I can say is Ethan you do it justice! He has a career ahead of him!

(Yes I did promise to blog about it, but it deserves to be!)

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Song stuck in my head

So this song is stuck in my head. Its an old one and I think I heard it in Gloria Jeans in the Savoy Centre. It’s a class song!

Chesney Hawkes – The One And Only

This was realeased in 1991 and reached number 1 in the UK and number 10 in the U.S.

Yes, I do get random songs stuck in my head!

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Song: I Will Resign

To The Tune Of “I Will Survive”


First I was afraid
I was petrified
Kept thinking Mahon would find out
About my takings on the side
And I spent so many nights
Thinking how I got it wrong
But I grew strong
When I learned how to play along

But then the banks
Those fecking guys
They went and showed the jaysis court
That I got cash from the UK
I shouldn’t have lodged that bloody sterling
I could’ve spent it on me holidays
If I had known for just one second
All the questions it would raise

So off I go, I’ll walk out the door
I’ll go to ground now
‘Cause I’m not welcome anymore
Weren’t you the ones who said it’s time to say goodbye?
Health service crumbled
Property market died

Oh no! Now I
I will resign
Now the shit has hit the fan
And the country’s in decline
I’ve done my share of theft
And no credibility left
So I’ll resign
I will resign

It took all the guile I had
To look the injured part
Keep trying to pretend
The public broke my heart
And I spend oh so many nights
Just looking sorry for myself
But I’m good at lyin’
Inside I’m laughing all the time

And you’ll soon see me
Somebody new
I’ll get my government pension
Hey I’m not done with screwing you
I know how to milk the state
I learned all yer tricks, Haughey
Now I’m saving all my backhanders
For an island off Kerry

Ho ho! Now I
I will resign
And I’ll get three hundred grand
Instead of doing any time
I’ve got an easy life to live
Two fucks I couldn’t give
About your cryin’
When I resign…


Found this via the Irish Times Head2Head yesterday

Tis a lovely song and here are the lyrics for anyone interested:

Wij wonen in een rijtjeshuis
We hebben mooie spullen thuis
We leven heel normaal daar met z’n drietjes bij elkaar
Bas die werkt bij de krant
En Diederik is laborant
Ik ben door hen geadopteerd als baby van een jaar

Nog altijd ben ik enig kind
Maar niet dat ik dat erg vind
Zo krijg ik alle aandacht, alle liefde van die twee
Bas brengt mij altijd naar school
Met Diederik speel ik viool
En met z’n drietjes kijken we de soaps op de TV

Ik heb twee vaders
Twee echte vaders
Soms stoer en ook wel streng
Maar we hebben het heel fijn
Ik heb twee vaders
Twee echte vaders
Die als het moet ook allebei
Mijn moeder kunnen zijn

Wanneer ik naar mijn bed toe ga
Kijkt Diederik mijn huiswerk na
En Bas doet de vaat of hij strijkt de schone was
En als ik ziek of koortsig ben
Dan is er niemand die ik ken
Die zo lief voor mij zal zijn als Diederik of Bas

Hij heeft twee vaders
Twee echte vaders
Soms stoer en ook wel streng
Maar we hebben het heel fijn
Hij heeft twee vaders
Twee echte vaders
Die als het moet ook allebei
Mijn moeder kunnen zijn

Soms wordt ik wel gepest op school
Natuurlijk is dat naar
Jouw ouders zijn homo!
Dat vinden ze maar raar
Dan haal ik maar mijn schouders op
Nou en! Ik ben hun zoon!
’t Is niet zoals bij anderen
Maar voor mij is ’t heel gewoon