That time of year again: Eurovision 2011

Its nearly here and I can barely hide my excitement! Tomorrow it all starts! The first Semi Final of the 56th Eurovision Song Contest gets under way with 19 countries fighting out for 10 places in the final on Saturday.

I have a full preview up on ESC Ireland but I think the following countries will qualify:

  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan

Turkey may make it also! Its my reserve pick!

You can make a prediction here! Theres no prize but its a bit of fun!

Also I will be hosting a liveblog over on from 7pm GMT covering the Semi-final! Do join us!

Germany 2011


On Saturday night, European Televoters and Juries voted Germany the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. This is the second time in the History of Eurovision that German of won the contest, see a history on

It now falls to the German broadcaster ARD to host the contest next year.

Throughout the voting on Saturday night many comments were passed about the fact that Europe was rewarding Germany for bailing them out and to the fact that Germany was probably the only country able to afford the Eurovision Song Contest!

In my own view, I loved the German entry from the first time I heard it. Satellite is an amazing song and Lena is an excellent singer with raw talent! So we are off to Germany next year! Hopefully I will be there!

On the Irish entry, I agree with Diarmy.

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Eurovision Song Contest 2010: The Final

Ireland-Eurovision-LogoSo I have blogged the running order and some general thoughts on the final over on ESC so I will just be adding colour here.

The last time Ireland got to the Final from the Semi Final was back in 2006 when Brian Kennedy represented Ireland with “Every Song is A Cry for Love”. That finished 9th in the Semi and 10th in the final ensuring that Dervish started in the Final in 2007 (for all the luck it gave us, we ended up last with 5 points)

I think Niamh Kavanagh will do us proud this year, in fact she already has, and will hopefully do better then tenth. The way it has worked out in the draw though its going to be very hard to predict.

Niamh gave an excellent performance last night. I had goosebumps and even tears in my eyes during it. During the voting I was as nervous as hell. I cant remember being like that back in 2006.

So tomorrow night will be an exciting show. In the past I have said certain countries will win (Germany and Denmark) but to be quite honest I do not know now.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited during a Eurovison Song Contest since 1997! When I do remember the voting! So best of luck to Niamh!

PS: also join this page on facebook: Niamh Kavanagh to win Eurovision

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Eurovision: Semi 2 – Come on Niamh!

Ireland's Niamh Kavanagh at UK Eurovision Prev...
Image by adrian, acediscovery via Flickr

Tonight sees the second of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals. Again 17 countries are competing for 10 places in the Grand Prix on Saturday.

Tonight will also see Niamh Kavanagh represent Ireland for the second time. She is strongly tipped to qualify. Hopefully she will do us proud!

Again will be hosting a liveblog on the website and also here.

The running order for tonight can be found here and please make your predictions about who you think will qualify here!

Remember only the countries taking part plus the United Kingdom and Norway can vote tonight. You can vote 20 times and from the start of the show.

Come on Niamh!!! 😀

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Liveblogging the Eurovision!

Eurovision 1958 scoreboard
Image via Wikipedia

So the time is upon us! Tonight sees the first of the live Eurovision Song Contest shows on our TV screens. It is starting at 8pm (RTÉ 2 and BBC3). The running order for Semi-final 1 is here. will be running a live blog of the Semi and it should start around 7:30pm (Irish Time). Also take note to the changes to the voting this year! You can vote 20 times and voting starts with the first song!

Also do make your predictions on who will get through tonight and Thursday night! ESCIreland will be publishing the top ten countries and who ever selects the correct ten will be named!

Im excited!

Are you?

Do join us for the Live blog, it will be fun!

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The Irish Finalists [Eurovision 2010]

Eurovision Song Contest 1998
Image via Wikipedia

The Finalists for ‘The Late Late Show Eurosong Special’ which will select Ireland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. There were a few surprises in the finalists. Anyway on to the list:

* Baby, Nothing’s Wrong – Performed by Michael Graham
Music & Lyrics by Michael Graham, Scott Newman & Yann O’Brien

* Does Heaven Need Much More? – Performed by Leanne Moore
Written by Tommy Moran & John Waters

* Fashion Queen – Performed by Monika Ivkic
Written by Marc Paelinck & Mathias Strasser

* It’s For You – Performed by Niamh Kavanagh
Music: Niall Mooney, Marten Eriksson & Jonas Gladnikoff
Lyrics: Lina Eriksson

* River of Silence – Performed by Lee Bradshaw
Music: R. Siegel Lyrics: J. O’Flynn / JosĂ© Santana

The five finalists will battle it out on 5th of March. The results will be decided by 50% regional juries and 50% televote, much like the Eurovision itself.

Seeing Niamh Kavanagh’s name on the list was a nice surprise. She represented Ireland in the 1993 contest in Milstreet and won with “In Your Eyes”. Michael Graham, or Mickey, as he is more often known, is the one from Boyzone. I look forward to that performance!

Unfortunately I won’t be in the country when this is on, so there will be no commentary from me. Hopefully the songs will be online before the show, then I will pass comment!

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Two more acts chosen. [Eurovision 2010]

The modern logo was introduced for the 2004 Co...
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After I finished my post last night, Cyprus and the Netherlands completed their selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Cyprus went for Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders with “Life looks better in spring”. It is a nice gentle song. It doesn’t stand out for me though.

The Netherlands had all ready picked their song, ”Ik ben verliefd, Shalalie”, and was just matching it up with a band. They went with Sieneke. I am not sure what to make of the song, I will leave it up to you!

Armenia and Poland decide on their representatives this weekend.

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