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UCC Express Logo2So of late its been a bit quiet here on the blog, but then again I haven’t not been writing. I have a few pieces up on the UCC Express Website that may be of interest to some of you. I have also started to write about sport, which is a change for me and an interesting challenge.

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Ireland Middle of the Table

Well it seams the Irish Paralympic Team is doing us proud in Beijing! Well done! We are currently 34th in the medal table with 5 medals!

The Irish Medalists are:
Men’s 100m – T13 SMYTH Jason
Men’s 200m – T13 SMYTH Jason
Men’s 800m – T37 MC KILLOP Michael

Men’s 400m Freestyle – S6 Mc DONALD Darragh

Mixed Individual – BC1 SHELLY Gabriel

Well done all!

Work! What work?

God, I’m officially unemployed as of yesterday (though still in full time education) so need to find a part-time job!

So as i was bored i took a trip around the blogosphere and found some interesting stuff.

A People’s Ard Fheis? hmmm would it work??

Is there a vast lesbian conspiracy? My jury stills out on this! 😛

Excellent post on the greys anatomy-homophobia debacle

An all-Ireland soccer team? If they can do it for rugby why not soccer?

Methodists dont want bush’s library! can u blame them?

some funny bloopers

If you hate cheerleaders you’ll love this

Kick Homophobia Out of Football


Anti-gay footie fans face police bust
Stewart Who?

8 December, 2006

In response to requests by the gay rights group OutRage!, the Met Police are putting in place an action plan to prevent the planned homophobic abuse of Ashley Cole this Sunday at the Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge.

It is one of their biggest operations against footie fans who fuel a culture of homophobic chants and abuse. It’s the last taboo in football and the inspiration behind’s Kick Homophobia Out of Football campaign.

Cole previously played for Arsenal and many Gunners fans are angered by his defection to rival team Chelsea FC.

“Arsenal has, so far, failed to take any action to stop the fan’s planned homophobic attacks on Cole,” said Peter Tatchell.

In a letter to Arsenal managing director, Keith Edelman, Tatchell highlighed the issues at stake:

“Jibes and ridicule by fans are acceptable, but not when they involve racism or homophobia. Bigotry has no place in football,” Mr Tatchell added.

“Earlier this year, Cole was the subject of gay rumours, which included allegations involving the use of a mobile phone. Cole denied the allegations and won a legal case in court.

“Nevertheless, Arsenal fans continue to abuse him about his sexuality, chanting ‘Ashley Cole is a rent boy’ and other homophobic insults.

“The fans’ website, Arsenal World, encourages club supporters to take blow-up mobile phones to the Chelsea v Arsenal match this Sunday, in order to taunt Cole over the gay rumours.

“They are also urging fans to download and print-out fake £20 notes, which replace the image of HM The Queen with an image of a tiara-wearing Ashley Cole in drag.

“Many years ago racist football fans took blow-up bananas to matches to abuse black players. They also brandished ‘sambo’ images.

“To taunt Cole, this Sunday many Arsenal fans plan to brandish blow-up phones and fake £20 notes depicting ‘Queen Ashley.’

“Racist and homophobic abuse are both equally sickening and unacceptable.

“There is nothing wrong with a bit of banter by football fans. Much of it is clever, imaginative and very funny. Having moved to a rival club, Ashley Cole has to expect ridicule from Arsenal fans. But taunts involving racism or homophobia are a taunt too far. Racist mockery is wrong, and so is anti-gay mockery.

“OutRage! has written to the Football Association, and to Chelsea and Arsenal football clubs. We are calling on them to condemn homophobic taunts against Cole and to penalise the perpetrators.

“Gay players, or those imagined to be gay, have a right to expect firm action against homophobia, in the same way that football clubs now take firm action against racism.

“The ugliness of homophobia is incompatible with the beautiful game,” said Mr Tatchell.

The police have agreed to all of the demands made by Outrage. Police and Chelsea stewards will be searching all Arsenal fans as they enter the stadium and confiscating homophobic materials.

They will be leafleting and postering the stadium with anti-homophobic messages, including on the big screen.

CCTV cameras will be trained on Arsenal fans to gather evidence for later prosecutions and / or match bans. For this purpose, additional police evidence gathering teams will be deployed at the match.

Chelsea and Arsenal FC’s plan to make a public statement deploring homophobia, in advance of the match.

I cant find these statements at the moment so ill post them up when I find them!

Petition To Geoff Thompson, Chair of the Football Association and Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP, Minister of State (Sport).

In light of the recent homophobic comments made by both professional football players and supporters on and off the pitch we the undersigned, call upon you to acknowledge the problem of homophobia in football and ask that you to work together to implement a zero tolerance towards all homophobic comments whether on the pitch or the terraces. This should include ensuring that football clubs enforce bans on homophobic actions in their ground regulations and provide proper policing and stewarding to remove offenders from the ground.

To sign the petition click here