Twitter and Me

Yes, yet another post about twitter but this about some cool stuff! So firstly I am addicted since I have discovered how to use twitter via my mobile phone and so keeps me entertained on the way to work and home from work if Claire is off. Below is a graph from of tweeting and this month it has exploded!

tweetstats - nov 08

I went from 1 tweet in September to 370 in October to a wopping 870 in November!

The number of people I follow on Twitter has alos increased, and so therefore I am interacting with more people on it! I have had some fascinating converstaion, with some fastinating people. You may have noticed a little counter appear under my twitter feed on the right, this is my twittercounter. Its hear as well in case you are blind or using an RSS Feed

TwitterCounter for @spiller2

What you might not know is that I have created two Twitter bots. One for this blog StevemyOpinion which has TwitterCounter for @stevemyopinion and FineGaelNews which has TwitterCounter for @finegaelnews

Then there is a cool Yahoo! Pipes Twitter Freinds yoke that makes map of where you twitter feeds are coming from. Below are two of mine that are already out of date!

World Map:
My Twittermap: World

UK & Ireland
Twittermap: UK & Irl

I also found this cool site called Tweetabix which looks at people who use twitter and ask them all sorts of interesting questions!

Do check out twitter and if you join follow me!

Random Stats: 4th May – 3rd June

During the above period there was 2,894 visits, which is down on last months.

The Top 10 keywords were:
1. eurovision predictions (NEW)
2. eurovision dustin (+8)
3. eurovision 2008 predictions (-2)
4. eurovision prediction (NEW)
5. eurovision 2008 prediction (-2)
6. eurovision semi final (NEW)
7. stephen spillane (-5)
8. god hates ireland (REENTRY)
9. eurovision semi finals (NEW)
10. roman vysochan bebo (NEW)

Again Eurovision is popular taking up 7 poistions! God Hates Ireland is a reentry. I dont get the bebo one.

Top 10 Countries:
1. Ireland (+1)
2. United States (-1)
3. UK (NC)
4. Greece (+3)
5. Canada (NC)
6. Germany (-2)
7. Australia (-1)
8. Malta (NEW)
9. Cyprus (NEW)
10. Belgium (NEW)

Complete change in the bottom three with the Netherlands, Poland and Spain dropping out of the list.

Right, thats enough stats for me!

Random Stats: 3rd April – 3rd May

There were 3,179 visits during that period.

Top 10 Keywords
1. eurovision 2008 predictions
2. stephen spillane (should I be worried?)
3. eurovision 2008 prediction
4. uk local elections
5. eurovision predictions
6. alcohol awareness posters
7. my name is meth
8. meth poem
9. twee vaders
10. eurovision dustin

Eurovision popular this month. UK Local Elections entered the top 10 quickly enough.

Top 10 countries

1. US
2. Ireland
3. UK
4. Germany
5. Canada
6. Austrailia
7. Greece
8. Netherlands
9. Poland
10. Spain

Interesting mix.

Anyway thats enough stats

Stats: Top 10 Keywords

I have been meaning to post this for awhile but I kept forgetting and as I’m currently going through my Google Analytics account now is as good as time as any to post them.

From the 6th March to the 7th April, the Top Ten Keywords where as follows:
1. alcohol awareness posters
2. twee vaders
3. eurovision dustin
4. me not meth
5. religion in today’s society (second link in google!)
6. god hates ireland (also the second link!)
7. grand prix vorentscheid (the first result!)
8. stephen spillane
9. democray (my bad spelling comes in handy at times!)
10. eurovision 2008 predictions

Will hopefully do this every month. If I remember!