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The Sunday Independent has two polls in it today in relation to the Presidential Election today. I am going to ignore the “less scientific, Sunday Independent/ Quantum Research” poll.

The poll found support for the declared candidates as follows:

  • Michael D Higgins 32% (Lab)
  • David Norris 19% (Ind)
  • Mary Davis 18% (Ind)
  • Gay Mitchell 17% (FG)
  • Sean Gallagher 14% (Ind)

While this poll was taken before Martin McGuinness of Sinn Fein entered the race, it is still interesting.

Sean Gallagher is starting to lag behind the other candidates in the poll while Mary Davis is starting to pick up speed and has jumped ahead of Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell who’s campaign does not seem to be gaining traction despite the support for Fine Gael being 40% in the polls.

David Norris’s support level is quite surprising, while at least he is second he is a good 13% behind Labour’s Micheal D Higgins who is managing to retain the top spot.

The entry of Martin McGuinness could change this balance. But with the possiblity of Norris and Labhrás O Muchú of Fianna Fail being added to the field, it wont be until Friday and the close of nominations that we have any idea what will happen. Then the polls will get very interesting.

Norris to re-enter Race for the Aras?

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The Sunday Independent is reporting that David Norris is to re-enter the race for the Presidency. After withdrawing from the race over the summer I am surprised at his re-entry to the race.

His reasons for re-enter seem to be because of the support being shown, but his reason for withdrawal has not changed.

Those who withdrew their support for Mr Norris have not changed their mind, though there are talks that some Fianna Fail TD’s and Senators may help to facilitate his nomination, but it will still be a tough one for him to raise the monies required to run an effective nationwide campaign.

So what do you think should Norris re-enter? Or does the cause of his withdrawal and other statements attributed to him mean he should sit this one out?


YFG Conference Coverage – Sunday Indo

I had a quick sconce the Sunday Independent (5th story down) this morning and they had picked up on one of the motions passed yesterday. The motion was about the Croke Park Deal. It stated as follows:

5) Young Fine Gael proposes that the Croke Park Agreement be rescinded in accordance with Section 28 of the Agreement. (Section 28 states that all commitments are subject to no unforeseen deterioration in the Government’s fiscal position).

It was passed by an overwhelming majority. In the article Barry Walsh, outgoing YFG President was quoted as saying,

The public service pay bill is totally out of control. Those who think the Croke Park agreement is still relevant or achievable are simply deluded. It’s time for this country to face the truth. Unless we make radical choices we risk the sovereignty of the State.”

I will have a roundup of the motions passed and the full election results later today. I will also be checking tomorrow’s papers and the Business Post (online from 6pm 10am tomorrow) for coverage.

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A Vote For Labour is a Vote for FF

The Sunday Independent’s story that senior Labour figures are hinting at working with Fianna Fail after the next election. It cements the idea that many people already have of Labour.

I agree fully with Scandelcentral of course who say:

However Labour is very suited to Fianna Fail. They stand for nothing. Together we would form a fine coalition. It would only plunges us into economic desolation. We wouldn’t see economic growth for decades, if we are lucky, as Labour halts Fianna Fail cutbacks while forcing them to increase spending widening our continued deficits. Apocalypse is the only word which rightly comes to mind

Of course this reminds me of the goings on after the UK elections on whether to do a deal with Labour if Gordon Brown was still there. Labour here will only work with FF without Cowen.

Labour won’t gain many transfers or 1st preferences from this ploy! It just proves that they will work with anyone to get into power. It smells of desperation to me!

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