#SE11: Count 1 Tally Results.

Here are the first tally results for the Cultural and Education Panel:

1. Gilroy Lab 157
2. Byrne FF 129
3. O Murchu FF 105
4. Clune FG 103
5. Walsh FF 85
6. Mullins FG 77
7. McCartin FG 68
8. Ormonde FF 66
9. Tormey FG 49
10. Quinlan FG 47
11. Boyhan IND 44
12. Kennedy FG 32
13. Hogan FG 27
14. Irish FG 25
15. Quinn FG 23
16. Delaney FG 16
17. O’Dea FG 11

See previous post for the background. Still waiting on the official result.

Also, Molly Buckley (FG) is on the Admin Panel and not Cultural and Educational

Preparing for the Count

Election Poster

So tonight its all about the preparation for the tally tomorrow. I have to be in the concert hall in Cork City Hall.  I shall be doing the tally for Cork South Central but Cork North Central will be counted in the same hall. I will be trying to keep people updated on both counts on twitter. Keep an eye on the #tags #CNC and #CSC

Check out Mamanpoulet.com for more ways to follow the counts tomorrow.

Also there will be a first for a tally when the tally in Cork South Central will be updated online.

It may be a long day tomorrow, but let see what happens.

Also the RTÉ exit poll will be announced at 8am on Morning Ireland. That should give us an idea of how the counts will progress.