FG Websites

Here are two lists robbed from Semper-Idem as well as an extra one from me.

FG Senator Websites

Senator Jerry Buttimer
Seantor JP Phelan
Seantor Paschal Donohoe
Seanator Frances Fitzgerald
Senator Eugene Regan

FG TDs Websites

Pat Breen
Richard Bruton
Deirdre Clune
Noel J Coonan
Simon Coveney
Michael Creed
Lucinda Creighton
Andrew Doyle
Damien English
Olwyn Enright
Brian Hayes
Tom Hayes
Phil Hogan
Paul Kehoe
Joe McHugh
Denis Naughten
Dan Neville
Fergus O’Dowd
Michael Ring
Alan Shatter
David Stanton
Leo Varadkar

Cork City Local Councillors

Brian Bermingham
Laura McGonigle

Last post, actions to follow up

While writing my last post, I decided whats the point it just writing the post if I dont do anything about it. So what will I do.

1. Email both the Minister for Health and Children (Mary Harney TD) and Minister of State with responsibility for Disability and Mental Health (Dr. Jimmy Devins TD). When and if I get a response, I will post them.

2. Email my local TD’s and Senators Cork South Central TDs: Micheál Martin FF, Michael McGrath FF, Deirdre Clune FG, Ciarán Lynch LAB and Simon Coveney FG. Senator Jerry Buttimer FG. Any other suggestions?

3. Write a petition. Done and its online here Please sign it.

I wonder which will get the quickest resposnes.

Stay tuned….

Civil Unions Bill 2007 – Get Lobbying!

On Wednesday evening, the Dail votes on the Labour Party Civil Union Bill, proposed by Brendan Howlin, TD.
Based on USI’s lobbying to date, we estimate that we have around 70 of the required 83 votes for the bill to pass this stage. The Government will decide at Cabinet tomorrow (Tuesday) its position on the bill. If the Government opposes it, and they likely will, that will mean that unless we can find 15 TDs on the Government benches to support it, the bill will be defeated.

USI has identified the following TDs as members who may support the bill if pressure is applied. Between now and Wednesday, we need you to circulate this email to everyone on your mailing list, and ask them to contact these TDs before Wednesday, asking them to switch sides and support the bill.
Even if only one or two do so, it will be a big story, and a massive boost to the campaign. John Mc Guirk and I have spent the day ringing, emailing, and faxing party whips, individual TDs, press offices, and anyone who would listen to us!!

Remember, fax, email, and phone these TDs constantly and ask them to VOTE YES on the Labour Party Civil Unions Bill.

Sile De Valera – FF 01 6183000 sile.devalera@oireachtas.ie

Dennis O’Donovan – FF 01 61833079 dennis.odonovan@oireachtas.ie

Dermot Fitzpatrick – FF 01 6183699 dermot.fitzpatrick@oireachtas.ie

Jim Glennon – FF 01 6183910 jim.glennon@oireachtas.ie

Barry Andrews – FF 01 6183856 barry.andrews@oireachtas.ie

Fiona O’Malley – PD 01 6183062 fiona.omalley@oireachtas.ie

Peter Power – FF 01 6184232 peter.power@oireachtas.ie

Mae Sexton – PD 01 6183361 mae.sexton@oireachtas.ie

Mildred Fox – IND 01 6183548 mildred.fox@oireachtas.ie

Jerry Cowley – IND 01 6184050 jerry.cowley@oireachtas.ie

Marian Harkin – IND 071 9145890 marian.harkin@oireachtas.ie

How TDs Vote on Civil Unions Bill Could Affect Their Election Prospects – USI

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has preannounced an audit of TDs’ votes For/Against the Civil Unions Bill when voting takes place in the Dáil next Wednesday, 21st February.

Students are to note precisely which TDs try to block the legislation in the Second Stage vote.

The Civil Unions Bill would end discrimination against lesbian and gay people in many areas of law.

As students prepare to consider the audit’s findings, USI urges TDs to bear in mind that the “overwhelming majority” of the public support Civil Union legislation [1].

USI lesbian and gay spokesperson Steve Conlon said: “Students will look to see how every individual TD votes on this legislation. Simply, we regard attitudes towards Civil Union legislation as a litmus test of TDs’ support for fairness and equality. Those who vote ‘Nay’ vote to oppose these principles.

“Because lesbian and gay people cannot currently enter into a Civil Union or marry, they are subjected to statutory discrimination in many areas. The proposed Bill is a means to end this discrimination.

“Civil Unions are not the same as marriages, and USI continues to seek justice for same-sex couples who should have the right to marry in this State. Nevertheless, Civil Union legislation would improve the State’s treatment of lesbian and gay people, creating a better society for all.”

USI President Colm Hamrogue said: “In a very meaningful sense, all eyes will be on TDs on Tuesday when this Bill is debated, and especially on Wednesday when they will vote.

“The Labour Party is to be commended for sponsoring such an important piece of legislation.

“By publicly announcing an audit of how each individual TD votes – and communicating this to students across Ireland – we will be encouraging our members to exercise their vote for candidates who truly represent them.”

1. A Lansdowne poll at the end of 2006 commissioned by GLEN (Gay and Lesbian Equality Network) found that 84% of respondents were in support of either civil marriage of full civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

also reported on breakingnews.ie

I also got an e-mail today from a friend in the SGMHP asking people to e-mail their TD’s on this issue. I think this is a good idea and shall be emailing my TD’s now and will post up the e-mail and any responses I get.