Should Ferris Go to Jail

Martin Ferris
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A friend, Dave Maloney has written an interesting note on Facebook, which I couldnt help posting about here.

Sinn Féin TD (and convicted gun runner) Martin Ferris aided the released killers (Pearse McCauley and Kevin Walsh) of Garda Jerry McCabe in evading the Gardaí. On RTE’S News at One, Conor Lally the Irish Times Crime Correspondent stated that the van in which Ferris was in, was used to block the road, preventing an unmarked Garda car from following McCauley and Walsh, who at this stage had transferred into an awaiting car.

Ferris is nothing short of a disgrace and an embarrassment to those who elected him, but to the institution that is the Dáil. An elected representative greeting murders and obstructing the Gardaí should at least spend some time in prison. It is further evidence, if needed, that Sinn Féin have not changed their ways and are not ready or even fit to enter government in the Republic.

I can’t help agree with him.

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An Bord Snip

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Okay so an Board Snip has been published and its recommending some serious cuts in various sections of Government. Some are good ideas, others are savage. I agree with most of the mergers but not with some of the cuts.

There is one thing we must remember with the report. It is only recommendations. We now know what the Government have been recommended to do, so if we think soething shouldn’t be done we need to get out there and lobby for what we want protected.

This is the advantage of the democracy we live. A lot of TD’s (especially rural TDs) will be looking at this report and shaking at the thought of the next election if some of these measures are brought to pass.

The Oireactas is on its summer break, so it is the perfect time to get lobbying your TD and giving them the reasons why the cuts shouldnt happen.

I know I will be lobbying my TDs on a few of the issues that I care about, its up do you do lobby for what you want!

Check out the Irish Election posts on the Bord Snip reports to see what is being recommended without going through the report.

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