A review of TeenCamp Ireland – Featuring Links, Pics and Videos!

Well it wasnt all fun yesterday, there was lots of learning too at TeenCamp!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

After a welcome from Alan and Enda, the day started off with Tommy Collison giving a talk about blogging and his famlily blogging and tweeting. A really interesting talk.

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Next up was Klara who gave a fascinating tlak on Manga and Anime. I learned alot from that talk! Have friends into it, so now can talk about it a bit more!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Then David Doran gave a talk on getting started. How to approach problems, jobs and ideas online. I learned alot from this talk!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

The we had Chris D gave a talk on Gamers and gaming. It was highly entertaining and oh so true!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

His talk ended with a bear of course! The ceiling bit was unplanned!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Next came the bit I enjoyed the most, everyone had to get up and introduce themselves! It was a great idea. As each person talked, their twitter was shown behind them. That was grand for most people, until it came to me and a tweet I sent from the George the previous night. Which did set someone off giggling!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th
From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th
From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

After the introductions and food, came a conversation hosted by Darragh Doyle and myself about why you blog!

After that came a talk from Ben Kenealy about online hook-ups. See the video by Damien! Its hilari1ous!

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

After that Cian Mac Mahon gave a fascinating talk about podcasting and whats involved in it! I learned alot from that talk.

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

The day ended and I had to get the train home after a draw (it was a fix btw! :P).

It was great to put many names to faces and actually get to know people. Really looking forward to the blog awards now!

All the pictures that I took of the day are here

Also if those who gave talks are willing to put them on Slideshare, I think it would be a great idea! Let me know if you do!

Other round-ups? TheChrisD has one, as does Tommy and Daniel have ones too! If anyone else does let me know and I will update this

UPDATE: David’s roundup is here

UPDATE 2: Klara has done her round up

UPDATE 3: Girlsthoughts, Will Knott and Alan also have round ups!

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Thank You!!!!!!

Okay so before I start posting about TeenCamp, I would first like to offer a huge thanks to Alan and Enda for organising TeenCamp Ireland. Yesterday was great fun. I am currently going through the photos to upload them.

A huge thanks also to those who gave presentations as I learned loads! And I got plenty of ideas!

A big thankss also to the two sponsors Mulley Communications and Spunout.ie who helped make it possible!

Again thank you everyone! You helped make one of my best days ever! 🙂

Saturday January 17th – POA*

Cork Dublin Express 1Image by LostCarPark via FlickrIm bored on the train, so decided to make up my plan for tomorrow. So the hope for tomorrow is to get up earlyish (I am going out tonight, so give me some chance) and do some shopping. I don’t see myself heading over to the IFSC for Dublin OpenCoffee Club.
After that it is either meet with Vlad (of Etre Mortal, Etre Sincere) and then onto the Pre-TeenCamp meet in Starbucks on College Green.

Then it is off to TeenCamp from 1pm to 7pm. After that, someone expects me to buy them a pint. I think it’s of Guinness. Then it is food time (not sure where yet, supermacs at the train station??? ), before the train at 21:00 from Dublin Heuston to Cork Kent.

Should arrive into Cork for 23:55 then it is home bed, not pub, as I have work on Sunday.

A good plan I think.

*POA = Plan of action

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Looking for something to do before TeenCamp?

I know a few people will be wandering aroud Dublin before TeenCamp, especially those (like me) who are travelling up for it.I know of two events that are happening on Saturday that might make the day more fun (and techie).

The first is brought to my attention by The Angry Hedgehog, informs us on his blog that Dublin OpenCoffee Club is happening on Saturday morning at 10:30 in the New York Grind, which is on Excise Walk in the IFSC. I love Cork OpenCoffee Club so will try and head along to the Dublin one.

The other event is a pre-TeenCamp Meet being organised by ChrisD. He is suggesting that people meet from 11.30am in Starbucks on College Green.

I may be meeting people before hand so will try and make it to one of these events!

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TeenCamp Ireland

There is a name and a website and a registartion form! What are you still doing here? Get over there and sign up!

But well done to @endac and @designneverdies and who ever else is helping out!