Cringe!! Th!nk Interview

So yea, I got sent the link of my th!nk interview! (Thanks Mantas!) So raather then let you people find it, here it is! The questions I am answering are:

1) what you think about the EP election results in your home country and 2) what have you learned from the project.


I never realised I sounded so Irish!! Really in my head I dont sound so Irish…

Tips for future interviews greatly received!

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Who will be on the Next Commission?

Jon Worth one of the Th!nk editors and a few others, Julien, Andreas and Joe have an excellent idea. Their are looking for ideas and possibilities for the next commission. So will represent your country?

I think Pat Cox will be the Irish Commissioner. Am I right? or is it there a better candidate?

Morning from Rotterdam!

Well I am holidays, well kind of! I am at the finale. We have a day lined up and a boat trip, its going to fun.

So far I have gotten to meet two of my favourite European Bloggers. Julien Frisch and Joesef

Th!nk Cheating

Well after an email sent to all the participants in the Th!nk About It Project about some votin irregularities that have appeared on the site, and I have noticed a few myself, the following was sent today.

I’m sorry to inform you that discrepancies in the voting via the use of proxies and abuse of computer-classrooms have increased so much that the results can not be trusted anymore. For this reason, the EJC editorial team will choose the April and May winners. the number of votes given to a particular article will be taken into consideration in this process.

We will have the results of the April winner by Monday, May 11th 2009.

Personally I think this isn’t good for the competition then again, you will always have cheaters 🙁

That reminds me I have to get blogging over there again!

Northern Ireland – Think Post

I put a post up on think about it website about the European Elections in Northern Ireland. To me, Northern Ireland is going to be one of the interesting constituencies in Ireland and UK where recent events and changes to parties and the split to the Unionist vote. Its all going to ve very interesting!

Something that seems to have escaped mention on this blog is the change that could come about in Northern Ireland during the European Elections this year. Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom that does not use the D’Hondt method of PR. Instead it uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system.

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Latest Think Post!

I’ve given up on counting my posts on ThinkAboutit was it was just getting confusing, and will be vey strange coming up towards the elections. But anyway the latest post is on Tory MEP Christopher Beazley joining the EPP. Give it and read and please rate it! 🙂

I found out about the story from @NEurope

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8th and 9th Think Posts!

I have been a busy boy today! I have posted two new posts over on The first post is about Jury Team, a group of independents going for election to the European Parliament in the UK.

The Federal Union blog high-light an interesting initiative in the UK which aims at getting independents elected to the European Parliament. They are called Jury Team. While Federal Union think they are wrong way about the European Parliament saying we need more party based politics in parliament not less, I think the Jury Team could actually drum up interest in the European Elections. Independents are known for bringing people who feel unrepresented by political party’s out to vote.

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The second post is about Libertas and its recruitment for candidates for the European Elections.

Too lazy to run for election? Know a friend who would run? You both support Libertas? Great! Then nominate them as a candidate for Libertas in this years European Elections!

Full Post

Thanks to all who have rated so far! Only three months or so left in the competition!

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Yea, another think post

European People's Party–European DemocratsImage via Wikipedia

Yup, I’ve gone on posted my 6th post over on This one is about the EPP-ED and their new tag-line..

I got a press release today from the EPP-ED Group of the European Parliament. In it they inform me of an event to launch their new tag-line. The tag-line is “Europe’s Driving Force” (now you see why the UK Conservatives left them).

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5th Think Post – "What Women Want"

EU Flag + Gay UKImage by stephen.spillane via Flickr

Well I seam to be getting used to blogging over on the blog becuase I just published my 5th post on it! Its on women and European politics.

Eurobarometer recently did a Flash survey on Women and Politics in the EU. It found that 79% of Irish Women and 78% of women in the United Kingdom think that politics is male dominated.

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4th Think Post!

So yea I just stuck up my fourth post on the Think About It Blog. This one is on how I got involved in Politics and I have given it an EU slant. It was inspired by a converstaion at Cork OpenCoffee so do please check it out and rate. I have reprinted the first paragraph as a teaser:

I am a rare one, I mean among my peers, that not only am I interested in politics but I am actively involved in politics. The EU and European Politics has played a large role in this, especially in me becoming aware of politics, both nationally in Ireland and in the EU of 15 member states as it was then.

Read the rest and let me know what you think!