There is something that might get me to vote yes

Signing the Treaty of NiceImage via WikipediaI know I have stated before that I will vote no to Lisbon if it is put again to the electorate (here and here) but a post over on Slugger reminds me why I should vote yes.

The Nice Treaty.

I hated that treaty and when it comes to being a choice, as José Manuel Barroso said “We have either one Treaty or the other Treaty” and when it comes to me picking I prefer the Lisbon Treaty.

Under the Nice we lose our commissioner, as I pointed out during the campaig. Under Libon this might not happen and looks like it won’t happen if they agree before hand. But under Lisbon if we do lose the commissioner it is under a lot fairer system especially in comparison to the system under Nice where one country loses out.

Voting, under Nice the arrangements are as follos for a proposal in the EU Council.
For a proposal to pass it needs the majority of countries (50% or 67%) and votes (74%) and population (62%). For a proposal to fail a condition to pass a vote must not be achieved. Under Lisbon the procedure is much easier, firstly to understand and secondly to block. The proposed method for a proposal to pass is a majority of countries (55% or 72%) representing 65% of the population or a condition to block not met. For a proposal to fail at least four countries must be against the proposal. In cases where, under the Treaties, not all members participate the minimum number of members representing more than 35% of the population of the participating Member States, plus one member are against the proposal. The second condition of at least 4 countries against the proposal is to ensure that the most populous Member States cannot block decisions and is important in 10 different voting scenarios where legislation requiring QMV can be passed although the population requirement isn’t fulfilled and all member states except:

#Germany and France and one of UK, Italy, Spain or Poland
#Germany and UK and one of Italy, Spain or Poland
#Germany and Italy and one of Spain or Poland
#France and UK and Italy

are for the proposal. Which means the larger states cannot block passage of proposals.

Nice, in my opinion, was not a good deal for small member states and I was against it. Lisbon on the other hand is a fairer deal and I was for it. I am going to have a lot of wrangling with myself over how I will vote next year. Only time will tell if I can change how I will vote.

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Voting No? Then we could lose our commissioner next year!

Yes, thats right! Libertas is telling lies! According to Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar

Under Lisbon, the European Commission will be reduced in size to 18 Commissioners from 2014 and all countries will rotate on and off the commission in strict equality. In short, each country will nominate a Commissioner for ten years out of every 15. In fact, there is even a clause in the Lisbon Treaty that would allow for all countries to continue to have a Commissioner indefinitely, should all countries want that to happen.

“However, if the Referendum is lost, the compromise agreed at Lisbon falls and the provisions of the Nice Treaty will apply. Under Nice, the Commission will be reduced to 26 or fewer members from the middle of next year

So how EU members states are there? 27. How many commissioners? 26. Chances are if we vote know, we will lose.

People forget that this was an issue under the Nice Treaty. We already accepted the fact that we will not always have a commissioner. Lisbon sets it out on a more equal basis!

Vote YES to retain our commissioner! (For another bit!)

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