Tune for the Weekend – Jan 16th

Sanne Salomonsen in Århus, 2005Image via WikipediaHere is a song to get you going. It is by the Danish singer Sanne Salomonsen. She seams to be a Danish version of Cher or Madonna as she has being going since 1975! She was part of two bands Sneakers and The song is called “Taxa”. It is a class song!

Other songs by Sanne Salomonsen are:
You’ve never been loved before (Live)
New Beginning (Live)
Sæt Fri (Live)

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Tune for the Weekend – Jan 9th

Image via WikipediaThe tune for the weekend is by an American band called The Last Goodnight. The song is called “Pictures of You”. This was an American hit in 2007 and I found it as it is 37th, and a new entry, in the Austrian Charts. It is an excellent song, enjoy

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Tune for the Weekend – Jan 2nd

POLARKREIS 18 @ MELT!-Festival 2007Image by Songkran via FlickrWell if your off out tonight enjoy yourself! Im wrecked and am staying in tonight as the parents are having a party tomorrow night so I can’t stay in then! So anyway the song for the weekend, the first edition of 2009! Well the song I have picked is “Allein, Allein” by Polarkreis 18. The song title translates (from German) as Alone, Alone and the song is English with the chorus in German. Enjoy!

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Tune for the Weekend! – Dec 26th

LONDON - JUNE 16:  (UK  Chris Martin of Coldpl...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeOk so has any one elese had enough of Christmas songs? cause I have and so there for the tune for the weekend will not be a Christmas Song! Or the Christmas no. 1. The tune for the weekend is one I hope to hear tonight when I go out cause its actually a cool song to hear in a club. (Maybe thats cause I’m a bit of a rock gay! but I love dance music too). Its a Coldplay song and it’s called “Viva La Vida”. Love it!

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Tune for the Weekend! – Dec 19th

Xmas lights on careys laneImage by stephen.spillane via FlickrWell its the last weekend before Christmas and I think the song I have picked for this week’s “Tune of the weekend” is one that will be played in clubs and bars up and down the country this weekend. In fact on the last two Friday nights I went out I heard it! It is another one of my favourite christmas songs and one I use to drag himself out to dance for. It’s by Mariah Carey and I think yoy can guess the name of the song!

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Tune for the Weekend! – Dec 12th

Cover of Cover of Human 2 TrackHere is song to get you going for the weekend! Hope you have a great one!

This is actually a surprisingly good song to dance to in a club. They played it in Ruby’s last week and it was great fun!

The Killers – Human

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