Computer licence fee would be daft & unworkable – Mulherin

Proposals to impose a licence fee on personal computers and laptops are daft and would damage the economy, according to Fine Gael Mayo general election candidate Cllr Michelle Mulherin.

“The new Broadcasting Bill contains proposals to impose a licence fee on PCs and laptops. This idea is daft and unworkable, and would cause serious damage to the economy. Ireland has a good reputation as a hi-tech, low-tax economy which would be irreparably damaged by this crazy proposal.

“The proposal is motivated by the growing links between television, the internet and computers. However, only a tiny minority of computers are currently used to watch terrestrial television. Imposing a tax on every computer in the land, on the basis that a tiny minority of them are being used to watch television, is ludicrous.

“There may come a time when computers are so integrated with television services that the licence fee will have to be revisited. However, technology is developing so fast that it would be rash in the extreme for the Government to attempt to make a prediction on the future of television. After all, Fianna Fáil and the PDs cannot even get digital terrestrial television up and running.

“My greatest concern is that imposing the licence fee on computers would impose another stealth tax on consumers, and a massive financial burden on businesses. Ireland depends on its reputation as a low-tax, highly educated environment. Imposing a senseless tax on computers would strike a crippling blow to this reputation.”

Well i have to say hes right!