France and its Non-“French” Residents

France is a bit of bother in the last week. Firstly there is the expulsion in mass of its Roma Residents, which has gotten France into trouble with the European Commission. Then the French Senate voted  to ban the Niqab and Burka.

France could be brought to the European Court of Human Rights, if the French Constitutional Court upholds the ban.

This is not setting a good example in my opinion. The French are showing their intolerance of the “the other”. While I disagree with Commissioner readings “holocaust” comment, I think she has a point, she just used the wrong word.

France is heading down the wrong path. Its mass expulsions of Roma reminds me of the excess’s of former Dictators like Idi Amin, whoo expelled over 800’000 asians from Uganda in September 1972.

The fact that France is expelling nationals of another Member State is also a worrying thought.

One the issue of the Niqab and the Burka. While I am not a fan of those items of clothing, I think if a woman thinks she needs to wear them to follow her religion or be part of her culture and heritage, then she should be free to wear them. She should not be forced to wear them.

This episode again highlights the intolerance that ignorance breeds. If people were more open to learning about others. To understanding why they wear these veil’s then there would be more tolerance and understanding.

The laws to ban these and the expulsion of the Roma are all knee-jerk reactions that will ultimately backfire. I hope the see French see sense and do the right thing.

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