Seats I will be watching!

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So here is a list of seats I will be trying to watch closely. They should give an indication to the wider picture.


  • Barking: Nick Griffin is the BNP candidate here, will he win?
  • Brighton Pavillion: Green’s possible gain?
  • Buckingham: Will the speaker hold on? (Counted on Friday though!)
  • Dagenham and Rainham: Will the BNP gain a seat? Or will the Tories take Cruddas’ seat?
  • Eastbourne: Can the Lib Dems take from the Tories also? 0.7% swing needed
  • Finchley & Golders Green: This is a notional Tory seat, Labour need a 0.35% swing to hang on, will they?
  • Luton South: This was Margaret Moran’s seat. Highly implicated in the expenses scandal. Has it damaged Labour beyond repair? Esther Ratzen is running here. Should be interesting!
  • Morley and Outwood: Ed Balls seat. Will he hang on?
  • Oxford East: One of the Lib Dem swings. All it takes is 0.2%, will they do it?
  • Poplar and Limehouse: Will George Galloway remain an MP?
  • Rochdale: The Bigotgate have an effect? Will the Lib Dems get in?
  • Stockton South: Conservatives need a 6.5% swing to win here, its also just under the 7% they need. Should be a good indicator.
  • Sunderland Central: Tory Target but needs a 10.5% swing
  • Watford: One of those three way marginals! Let see what happens!
  • Wyre Forest: Independent, Richard Taylor, held since 2001, Lib Dems are challenging here this time out. Can he hold on?


  • Dundee West: If things go really bad for Labour in Scotland, on an 7.29% swing, the SNP could gain this seat.
  • Ochil and South Perthshire: SNP need a 0.74% swing from Labour.


  • Arfon: Plaid target, this time from Labour. They need a 0.91% swing!
  • Ceredigion: Plaid target from the Lib Dems. Need 0.31% swing
  • Ynys Môn : Another Labour seat targeted by Plaid, they need 0.75% swing here.

Northern Ireland

  • Belfast South: The DUP want to gain this from the SDLP. They need a nearly 2% swing though.

Other lists of ones to watch from the Independent, FT, Wikipedia and Ekklesia

What constituencies will you be watching?

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UK Election in Videos

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While procrastinating I cam across some really interesting youtube videos concerning the UK Election. So I decided to post a few of them.

First up is a viral from the Independent. I really like and points out the faults with all three parties.

The Truth Behind the UK Election

I also enjoyed Yahoo’s look at what people on the street think of the election.

Total Politics put together a video encouraging people to vote. Its a fun video, I recognised a few people but not all of them

To end, and thereby not endorse any of the Parties, Vote For A Change are encouraging people to vote for a Hung Parliament in this short video

Hang Parliament: Vote for a Hung Parliament in the 2010 UK Election

Have you seen any good election videos?

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