I got quoted on Vote Match!

I was looking through my google analytics account and looking at my incoming links when I noticed I had one from votematch (The London Election tool I blogged about last week!). I was thinking hah? (The german way of saying huh!) and I am quoted and linked from the frontpage. Heres the line in full! And its the first line in the second paragraph!

Stephen Spillane calls it “excellent“.

I get excited easily don’t I?


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Who should you vote for in… London?

Who should you vote for in… London?

I will be blogging soon about the London Mayoral and Assembly Elections as I am always watching BBC and reading certain blogs that are always on about! But before I do I found this on Ian Dale’s Diary today, its an excllent tool to see who you should vote for in the Mayoral Elections.

My Results are as follows:

Alan Craig (Christian Peoples Alliance / Christian Party)
Matt O’Connor (English Democrats)
Boris Johnson (Conservatives)
Richard Barnbrook (BNP)
Winston Mckenzie
Siân Berry (Green Party)
Gerrard Batten (UKIP)
Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrats)
Lindsey German (Left List)
Ken Livingstone (Labour)

Good to see Red Ken at the end, but I never thought I’d be supporting the Christian Party! 😀

In the London Assembly race I came out with the following

Abolish the Congestion Charge
The Christian Choice
One London (Leader Damian Hockney)
Conservative Party
English Democrats
Green Party
British National Party
Liberal Democrats
Unity for Peace and Socialism
UK Independence Party
Left List
Respect (George Galloway)
The Labour Party

Its strange to see Abolish the Congestion Charge at the top as I think the congestion charge should stay. Even when I changed my weighting on it, they stayed number one…. Strange one…

Have a go yourself! Vote Match