So what a choice from McCain and has proved to me that he is the person that should be the next President of the USA.

By picking Sarah Palin, McCain has taken the momentum from the Dems and Obama’s campaign. McCain can now be seen as the one trying to change Washington politics. He is known as a maverick among most republicans in washington and by picking Palin will bring an outsider (with government expeirence, something Obama lacks) to the heart of his administration!

A friend mentioned Sarah Palin to me as a possible VP Nominee a long time ago by a friend who I txted when I saw the news on Sky News in the Bank on Friday! Whats even stranger was i predicted her back in an email to the same friend back on the 2nd of Jan when I predicted her as Guiliani’s running mate! Wow! Never gotten something like that right! 😀 (Dont ask about the Dems my predictions where completely wrong!

There are loads of blog posts about it around the place some of whom I have linked to from here so I won’t say no more for now. But best of luck to Sarah Palin!