Tonights Liveblog!

As part of my tweeting from the We The Citizens event I shall be interacting (well attempting to) with everyone else who is watching the events unfold! You can also take part using the tag #citizens

Do check out the Liveblog Click Here.

In the mean time check out my posts on We the Citizens.

We The Citizens hits Cork this week.

On Wednesday, We The Citizens are holding their event in Cork this week.

The event is taking place in the Clarion Hotel in Cork at 6:15pm. To attend sign up on their website.

To see what happened in Killkenny see the video below or check out what was said and the big talking points

I will be tweeting from the event so make sure follow me on twitter of follow the #citizens tag. I may run a live blog here also!

We The Citizens

We The Citizens launched today. Its an interesting idea that is trying to get people to stand up and get involved to change Ireland.

They plan to hold a National Citizens Assembly in June following events in n Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Athlone, Letterkenny and Dublin. I shall be attending the event in Cork.

We The Citizens plans on keeping the pressure on politicians to reform our country for the better and ensure that they keep their promises. It will be an interesting experiment.

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Those involved make for quite an impressive list. It will be interesting if they can get ordinary people involved or will it just be political hacks like myself.

Lets see where it goes from here.