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I got this via Email from the European Journalism Centre. I took part in Th!nk1 and Th!nk2 (though didn’t finish it). Do check it out.

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) invites you to apply for the third round of our acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK3: Developing World.

TH!NK3 will bring together some 100 bloggers, journalists, issue experts and students from the 27 EU member states, as well as neighbourhood countries and beyond, to exchange ideas and debate sustainable development and global cooperation topics. The blogging competition will run from 24 March to 31 August and begins with a launch event in Brussels, 22-23 March. The awards include opportunities to travel and report from Asia and Africa. The big prize is a trip to the UN headquarters in New York in September 2010, at the time of the Millenium Development Goals summit. All trips are sponsored by the EJC or our partners.

The previous two editions of our competition, TH!NK2: Climate Change and  TH!NK1: European Elections 2009, received hundreds of thousands of visitors and got the attention of major mainstream media. TH!NK2: Climate Change won the European Public Affairs Award for the “Best Web 2.0 Campaign of the Year” in 2009.

To participate in the competition, please go to, where you can read more about TH!NK3 and fill out the application form.

The EJC is an independent, international, non-profit institute dedicated to the highest standards in journalism. For the TH!NK3 launch event, we have received additional support from the European Commission.

Best of luck if you enter! I can guarentee it is worth it! I won’t be entering due to the fact I am too busy with college and Anna Lindh Foundation stuff.

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Ask Brian Cowen!

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So Ireland, and mainly Fianna Fail, is on its way to following the UK the US into Web 2.0 land. Brian Cowen will be answering questions posed to him. I suggest that he actually starts answering questions in the Dáil first then answer our questions. But anyway, you can ask questions here, I have an awful feeling that my question wont be answered, as it will be a scripted affair with all the nice questions being asked.

My question is

When will the Government admit they made a mistake in nationalising Anglo Irish Bank considering the investigation and raids by Gardaí?

I wonder how it will go…

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Plurking about

Those of you who read this blog and were on my twitter knew I was fairly good at updating that in Germany but since I got back I’m useless! There is a reason for this. My tweets fell off after they had problems with the IM use. Thats how I used it so I havent used it really since then. Tough I went mad on it last night!

On Friendfeed tough I discovered a new (well new to me) site and its like twitter in the fact that its micro blogging. Those with eagle eyes will have noticed the new box on the sidebar but, for those who haven’t check out my plurk and have a poke around and maybe join it?

I prefer it to twitter as to me its more fluid and interactive. its great that it keeps track of conversations so there is no searching through pages looking for stuff. Its all neat and tidy and there is plenty of customisable stuff on the site too as long as you keep your karma up, which is interesting in its own way!

So take a look and join me?

Web 2.0 explained

finally a good explanation of web 2.0! found it over on gaycork!