Mulley Rocks – End Of

From TeenCamp Ireland Jan 17th

Niall has an excellent profile of Damien Mulley and what he has done for the Irish Tech Scene. It is brilliant to see what everyone thinks of him.

What have gotten from Mulley? Not alot directly, but if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be blogging, I wouldn’t be on twitter, I wouldn’t have been at TeenCamp. To put it simple this man is IT when it comes to tech and has always pointed me in the right direction.

I have seen him give encouragement to so many people. I have been privileged in the past to receive posts from in advance. If you get a link from Mulley, you would want to hope your servers can handle it!

Mulley is a hard working chap, but if you do something good, he will tell you! Which is great! Of course, he will also tell you where you are going wrong which is equally great!

To put it simply. Mulley Rocks, he organsises great tech events (blog awards, web awards) and supports others (TeenCamp). The Irish tech scene would be alot poorer with out him!

So do us a favour, get him some business!

Keep on Rocking Mulley!

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I would like to meet – Blog Awards Meme

Rick O’Shea has started a meme about who would you like to meet.

Name 5 bloggers you haven’t met in the flesh before that you’d like to say hi to at the Blog Awards, say why if you want, link to them. They then, in turn, link to 5 bloggers they’d like to meet and so on.

So who would I like to meet? Will a few of the names that pop into my head I met on Saturday and so I had to think long and hard.

So I would like to meet:
Grannymar – I so want to be a toyboy
Grandad – Just finished his book, its hilarious!
Gav Reilly – He seams cool!
Roy of Irish Taxi – Been reading his blog for ages. It would be nice to meet him.
McaWilliams – I tweet with John every morning on the bus so it would be nice to actually meet the guy!

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New Blogs – 6/1/09

So the first time I have updated my Blogroll in 2009 and I have found a few new blogs that might interest you my dear readers.

First up is: “The Cosmo” on RTÉ Pulse this is a blog by Scott De Buitléir the Presenter of “The Cosmo”, a show aimed at the LGBT Community, on RTÉ Pulse. He is a bit nervous about his first live show tomorrow night, but lets tune in and support him!

Next up is, some of you might know him from Every Day is Election Day where he blogs with Ciara. This is an excellent blog, and I love his latest post on being over saturated by media.

Now we have Scott’s Blog… in English, yes its the same Scott as from RTE Pulse but this is his personal blog. He has some really good posts up on this. From the point of view of Gay Irish Blogs, he is definitively one to watch! He has one excellent post on why some people play The Sims and Second Life. Tá blog as Gaeilge ag Scott freisin agus tá sé ar fheabhas!

Last but not least is a brand spanking new blog, which only started today Hear Ye, Hear Ye which is written by a friend in Kerry. He has one post (so far!), which is excellent, on coming out. Do check him out and encourage him to blog!

Thats all for this update. If you think you know of a blog I would like, let me know in the comments!

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Track Santa

Every year NORAD, who are responsible for North American Air Defence, track Santa’s journey around the Globe. They have a website which is fantasic (and tells me that he is leaving in 13hrs!) and they have integrated with Google Earth so you can track Santa via that or via video, which is probably what I will be doing! Bitz, one Santa’s elfs, has discovered Twitter and is helping Norad track santa using that!

You can embed a map tracking santa on your site here like I have done below!

Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you when he reaches you and you are well tucked up in bed like I will be!!

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Some tips for new bloggers

Lego Blogger PictureImage by minifig via FlickrSo I’ve been blogging now for over three years and have built up a bit of knowledge on whats makes a good blog. Of course, I don’t consider this blog any way excellent as there are loads out there which are better, but lately I have gotten the blogging bug again and I think its only right that I share some tips on how to increase page views and therefore visitors.

1. Get Listed
Get your blog listed on blog directories and blog aggregates. Just to show in last year I have gotten 1,092 hits from That is about one sixth of my total refereed page views in the last year. is also in the top ten but unfortunately you can’t add new blogs at the moment. There are lots of directories and aggregates out there so have a look around!

2. Feed you blog
By this I mean feed your blog into other websites. For example I have a twitter bot for this blog @stevemyopinion which allows people on twitter to see when you have posted something. Another idea is to feed your blog into facebook where it will appears as notes. This shows you friends who might not be aware that you have a blog the stuff you are writing about and it might get them onto your site to read more. Friendfeed is also handy for amalgamating all your feeds twitter, blogs etc into one handy place.

3. Say something controversial!
This is a tricky one, but it does work. If you say something controversial and it gets picked up it can take off. But be prepared to back up your statements. I noticed this through my support for McCain/Palin ticket and my opposition to Gay Marriage (though I’m Gay!). NOTE: only say something controversial if it is true!

4. Link!
Link, Link, Link. This is important. i notice a lot of visitors to my site are coming from back links either through their WP-admin page or through the link created on blogger. This sometimes leads to the other person linking you. If someone links you it is polite to link back, especially if you expect other to do the same!

5. Comment
This is something I am useless at, commenting on other blogs. Normally if I like a post I will “share it” on Google reader but if you have the time do this! It create rappor between you and the other blogger and therefore increases likelihood of them linking and each comment creates a link in its own right. Also remember to respond to comments on you posts!

6. Blog about what you want
Lots of people make the simple mistake of button-holing their blog to one specific subject. I did at the start at the start to an extent that I only blogged about news and politics, lately I have diversified and think it is better for me. Specialist blogs are great, if you have a lot to say on one subject stick to it, but if you can for only a short time allow some diversity!

7. Enter Competitions
Put yourself out there no matter how you feel about your own writing. When I was long listed for a blog award back in 2007, I was shocked. When I entered the EU Blogging competition I was not expecting to be picked. So put yourself out there!

8. Guestblog
If a major blog is giving an opportunity to Guest Blog forward take the chance! this worked for me when I emailed earlier this year and they reproduced it! Again just take the chance and put your thinking cap on.

9. Go to tech events
When you have established a routine start going to tech meetups such as open coffee and bar camp and things like that. I was daunted the first time going to OpenCoffee Club as a blogger and not being in the tech industry but I was able to hold my own with my views on software and the like. These days most tech companies (well the ones that go to Cork OpenCoffee Club) nearly all have blogs so they appreciate the views of a blogger.

10. Mis-spell!
Strangely enough my bad spelling leads to lots of hits from Google from other people who can’t spell! This leads to me looking a Google analytics going that is spelt right following the link to find that I couldn’t spell in the first place. So if you make a mistake, don’t be in too much of a rush to change it!

Right that’s ten tips from me that hopefully someone will find useful! Feel free to add your own tips in the comments and I’ll add them to the main post!

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Microsoft Ireland Hacked!

Yesterday someone tweeted that Microsoft’s Irish website, was hacked. I managed to get a screenshot of it before it got taken down. It has the highest views of all my pictures on Flickr. Currently 410 views!, would love to know where they came from but not buying a pro account just to find out!

Microsoft Ireland Hacked

Any one know anything about these hackers?

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More Digital Radio

After blogging about RTÉ’s Digital Radio last night I discovered two more DAB Stations in Ireland. They are, and Raidió Rí-Rá (which I only found tonight!). The three stations are run by Digital Radio Ltd.

Mocha Radio is a station all about r’n’b and soul. They aim for “Smooth Hits with a Kick”. A good station that I have enjoyed listening too!

All 80s is just what it says on the tin, a radio channel blasting out all the tunes you have forgotten from the 1980’s. Whats more they have developed a cool web enhancement which allows you to rate and comment on the song playing but also request songs, which you can also do on the website! web enhancement

Raidió Rí-Rá is an Irish language station that is supported by Chonradh na Gaeilge. It is run by Raidió X Teoranta in conjunction with Digital Radio Ltd. Its a really cool station as you vote for the song you vote for the song you want played! And as I type this the song I voted for is on!

Comhghairdeas! Chuir tusa ‘Pink – So What’ ar liosta na n-amhrán is mó tóir orthu. Seinnfear laistigh de 10 nóiméad é

Thats the lovely message you get when you vote!

Check them out! I so want a DAB Radio now but there is no point till they pass the Broadcasting bill…

I am Twitter Elite

Well in Cork anyway! Thats according to Twitter Grader which rates me as number 13 in Cork! Below is my current grading.

In other twitter news, I was interviewed over on, so check out my interview

I think thats enough twitter stuff…

PS Dont forget you can follow me on twitter!

Twitter and Me

Yes, yet another post about twitter but this about some cool stuff! So firstly I am addicted since I have discovered how to use twitter via my mobile phone and so keeps me entertained on the way to work and home from work if Claire is off. Below is a graph from of tweeting and this month it has exploded!

tweetstats - nov 08

I went from 1 tweet in September to 370 in October to a wopping 870 in November!

The number of people I follow on Twitter has alos increased, and so therefore I am interacting with more people on it! I have had some fascinating converstaion, with some fastinating people. You may have noticed a little counter appear under my twitter feed on the right, this is my twittercounter. Its hear as well in case you are blind or using an RSS Feed

TwitterCounter for @spiller2

What you might not know is that I have created two Twitter bots. One for this blog StevemyOpinion which has TwitterCounter for @stevemyopinion and FineGaelNews which has TwitterCounter for @finegaelnews

Then there is a cool Yahoo! Pipes Twitter Freinds yoke that makes map of where you twitter feeds are coming from. Below are two of mine that are already out of date!

World Map:
My Twittermap: World

UK & Ireland
Twittermap: UK & Irl

I also found this cool site called Tweetabix which looks at people who use twitter and ask them all sorts of interesting questions!

Do check out twitter and if you join follow me!

Government Mistakes. You Pay

Fine Gael has launched its winter campaign against the Government and shows no sign of resting on its poll poistion. The campaign aims to highlight the governments mistakes and Fine Gael’s alternative to the budget. The campiagn consists of a website with online videos, regional meetings and asking people for there say.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign Fine Gael Leader, Enda Kenny said

We want to hear what the public have to say about the future direction for our country. We have set out an alternative to the current Government’s approach based on tough but fair policies that protect the vulnerable in our society but tackle wasteful and excessive spending. This campaign exposes the Government’s failings in the recent Budget and promotes our better alternative. It also allows for both virtual and actual interaction between our Party and the public. We look forward to meeting thousands of people around the country over the coming weeks as we organise our public meetings, but we also look forward to getting reaction to our campaign online at our campaign website

Commenting on the campaign, Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman Richard Bruton said:

The recent Budget from this Government risks turning a recession in to a depression. It was ill-conceived and made fundamental errors in the way it was framed. Current spending continues to increase at an unsustainable rate while capital spending has been cut. Pay costs continue to rise for existing staff numbers yet front line services are cut for the most vulnerable. The Fine Gael approach would give our small businesses a chance to trade their way out of trouble and would also have better protected the more vulnerable members of our society. This campaign will, I believe, help promote that message to a wide and diverse audience.

Strangely enough there is no meeting for Cork City. Must get on to public reps about that! Do have a look about the website.