YFG Launches YES Campaign

Young Fine Gael today launched its Yes campaign for the Referendum on May 31st. The campaign is titled “Secure our Future, Vote YES”. The official launch will take place this evening in UCD.

The campaign is structured around 3 messgaes:

  • Ireland Needs Stability & Growth
  • We need an Ireland that Competes
  • Ireland needs Real Certainty

There is a Website (with a blog), Facebook page, a Pinterest page (a first that I know for a referendum campaign in Ireland) and they are doing the Treaty in 21 tweets on Twitter!

There is also a few video’s from members:
Una Clarke

Patrick Molloy, President of YFG

Frankie Mulqueen,

Lisbon Has To Be Won On The Doorstops

While lots of the Yes Campaign seems to be based online with facebook fan pages, websites and so on, the campaign will not be won online. While yes it will play a role, it is not the most effective tool availible.

The Yes groups need to be willing and able to get out on the doorsteps and explain to people what this is all about. I can assure you that this is what Sinn Fein and the other No groups will be doing so we need to get out there to assure the voters that Voting Yes to the Lisbon Treaty is the best thing for Ireland.

Last time out, this wasnt done. There was more of a focus on shopping centres and leafletting like that, but that wont cut it this time as primarily footfall is down in most shopping  centres and so we need to talk to people where they will be, at home in the evenings.

This isn’t the easiest option of course and is very labour intensive, but it gets the best results. Media and online stuff are what aids this work, but from the end of this month we need to be out there knocking on doors. It is the only way we can hope for a large Yes vote. I plan on starting canvassing from the end of this month, if all goes to plan of course.

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