Speech by YFG President Patrick Molloy at Fine Gael Rally


Paddy Molloy, President YFG Source: http://yfg.ie/euref/?p=769

The following is a speech by Patrick Molloy, President of Young Fine Gael at the National Fine Gael Rally on Sunday 27th of May.


On the 31st of May we have an opportunity.

An opportunity to banish uncertainty and cast aside the doubt that has plagued the country for many years and could plague this generation for years to come unless we vote yes.

In voting yes on the 31st of May we continue on the path to recovery. A path where Young Irish Men and Women will look to Ireland for their future, no longer looking for opportunities to leave, but rather taking and creating opportunities here at home.

For generations of Irish men and women Thursday’s vote will determine their future. On March the 9th 2011 Fine Gael and Labour entered into Government and took it upon themselves to reconstruct our country and our economy. We are building a new beginning.

This treaty is the continuity and certainty that this country needs but most importantly it is the certainty that my Generation needs.

We must provide a basis for strong fiscal governance that does not lend itself to short term gain at the price of a generations future. People starting their careers will have the opportunity to progress and further their ambitions in a confident and competitive Ireland. An Ireland in which fiscal governance ensures our economy can grow in a stable way.

What is being advocated by others, constitutes an act of simple self-promotion, driven by political ambition. We have a real alternative of smart fiscal governance and an insurance policy which will generate investor confidence.

People keep talking about stimulus packages but in small open economies, building investment and jobs are the only stimulus packages which work, and work right now.

We have seen many large Multi-Nationals invest in Ireland and setup or expand here. 13,000 new jobs have been created since January 2011, since 2010 jobs numbers are up 20% and for the naysayers, in the same period job losses down 25%.

These are the jobs that young Irish people want and need. These are the places where the future job creators and innovators learn the skills that help build the indigenous Irish business of tomorrow. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Paypal, LinkedIn, Intel – job creators, innovators, inspirers who instil confidence in the Irish economy and hope in the minds of my friends and I. These companies believe in Ireland and believe in the workforce we are training.

Our strength has always resided in our work ethic, our ability & willingness to trade & our openness to the future. For generations gone by, Ireland has always depended on these strengths, for our generation these are supplemented by a complete willingness to be a part of a new beginning. We must build on this new beginning and not let a single opportunity pass our country by. For my generation, these opportunities are crucial.

Young people in Ireland are deeply committed to the future of Ireland, they are innovative and invested in fixing Ireland.

We have an opportunity to build this new beginning , to compete once again on a world stage, to build towards a sustainable future where the choices people make are not dictated by the fluctuations in our economic cycles but by their own free will.

Secure this New Beginning,

Secure this future.

Secure our future,

Vote yes

Great speech!


Gay Adoption? YFG to discuss motion in favour

Adoption by Choice, Erie PA
Adoption by Choice, Erie PA (Photo credit: hbimedialibrary)

Another of the motions released ahead of the Young Fine Gael National Conference next weekend is one of the issues that has been left unlooked at following the Civil Partnership Act. Gay Adoption. The motion from DCU reads as follows

YFG call on the government to bring forward legislation allowing gay couples to adopt

Currently a poll on thejournal.ie has support for gay adoption on 72%. Young Fine Gael passed a motion on support for Gay Marriage with a massive majority at Summer School last summer.

While young people are in favour of this proposition and polls regularly show  strong support for it, it will be interesting to see how this motion pans out at conference.

In a related note check out this video from the Washington State debate on Gay Marriage

Motions to be discussed at YFG Conference 2012

  • YFG proposes that an incentive for young farmers be introduced by increasing the number of training places in agricultural colleges – Laois YFG
  • YFG approves of the process of fracking as can it can prove a viable energy source in Ireland for the foreseeable future – UCD YFG
  • YFG proposes that the 1989 Incitement of Hatred Act be updated to include provisions relating to social media and social networking – Kilkenny YFG
  • YFG believes that a graduate tax should be introduced for all college graduates as a means of funding their education and the present entry fees should be phased out over 5 years. Households with an income of below €45,000 would be exempted – UCC YFG
  • YFG believes that it is imperative that the ECB renegotiates the current promissory note structure with the Government. It is in the best interests of the Irish economy, the ECB, the Euro and the European Union that the structure of the promissory notes system is changed. Failure to do so will create an unsustainable debt burden for Ireland, causing huge barriers to job creation and restricting growth in the Irish economy – YFG National Executive
  • Young Fine Gael strongly supports Ireland’s membership of the euro and the efforts of EU Government to stabilise the eurozone, and; calls on the Government to engage with other EU member states to implement real and lasting reform of the EU treaties and institutions to ensure that the dangerous political paralysis of the last two years can never be repeated. – Alfie Byrne YFG
  • YFG calls on FG to live up to its election promise and removes Irish as a compulsory subject in the Leaving Certificate – Wexford YFG
  • YFG call on the government to bring forward legislation allowing gay couples to adopt – DCU YFG

YFG Launch Jobs Plan

Young Fine Gael
Image via Wikipedia

So Young Fine Gael have launched their plan to get Ireland back working. The leaflet is a rehash of one’s I have seen for newERA, with just a YFG logo added and the the supporting documentation is taken directly from Fine Gael documents, Hope for a lost Era and newERA. Nothing is new, there is nothing YFG about this.

There has been a trend lately for YFG to follow the senior party and I personally don’t like it. Why couldn’t YFG come up with one new idea? Why couldn’t we push the senior party and be more proactive?

That is the job of YFG. I am disappointed by this campaign, but it is one that is needed. It obvious that the government is not going to do anything for those out of work, it is focusing on NAMA and hoping that it will work. I don’t think it will.

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Bruton For European Council President?

John Bruton For President?
John Bruton For President?

Young Fine Gael is trying to launch a grassroots campaign for John Bruton to be made President of the European Council. I received the following missive from HQ.

Dear Member,

As you may know former Taoiseach and Leader of Fine Gael John Bruton is seeking election as President of the European Council.

Let’s get behind him by using the internet to spread his campaign around Europe.

Please sign and forward the petition link to all your contacts throughout the 27 member states of the EU http://www.petitiononline.com/Bruton/petition.html

Please become a supporter on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Bruton-for-EU-President/163560809402

For you hardcore supporters our there… Please use this pic as your profile pic on bebo and facebook www.yfg.ie/images/images/johnb.jpg

Now while a Facebook Page and Petition might get you some attention in the national media, I do not think it is going to make waves across Europe.

The thinking behind this is a little strange. Campaigns like this rarely work in Ireland, let alone across 27 countries. Would YFG not be better off asking its members to write to the Taoiseach and other EU leaders extolling the virtues of John Bruton? Would they not be better off sending us reason why we should back him? There are a few that I can think of, but why not inform the rest of us. That way we can try and convince our friends rather just blindly following due to fact he used to lead our party.

Why not tell us about all the things he has done since he stopped being a Fine Gael TD? Such as being the EU Ambassodor to the US?

This will also go nowhere due to the fact it is in one language. Why not translate the petition into German and French and maybe other EU languages and maybe also give information about Bruton in those languages so we can convince others.

I don’t think this will make much of a difference to his chances. I don’t think Angela Merkel or Nicolas Sarkozy are going to be looking on facebook for ideas of who to suggest for the poistion of President of the European Council.

YFG gain seat on National Exec

There was amotion this morning giving Young Fine Gael an extra seat on the Fine Gael National Executive. This was a amendment I assumed would be passed. But two member from the National Executive actually stood up and spoke against the amendment. It looked tight. Thankfully Denis Kirby, a stallwart of the party in Cork South Central stood up and spoke for the amendment. It is great to have people like that behind the youth of the party.

The amendment did pass by a large majority thanks to a get out of bed campaign by the YFG National Exec, so very happy!

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YFG Session at Fine Gael Ard Fheis – “Ireland Needs Change”

YFG are holding a session on Saturday at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis enititled “Ireland Needs Change”. The aim of the discussion is to allow spokespersons in the party let the young members know what they are doing.

The session will be addressed by:

  • Barry Walsh, President Young Fine Gael
  • Richard Bruton TD, Deputy Leader and Fine Gael Spokesperson on Finance (Chair)
  • Lucinda Creighton TD, Fine Gael Spokesperson on European Affairs
  • Brian Hayes TD, Fine Gael Spokesperson on Education
  • Leo Varadkar TD, Fine Gael Spokesperson on Enterprise, Trade and Employment

The session will also feed into and link intiatives to the Youth Manifesto for the Local and European Elections.

At the last Ard Fheis the session was on the “Just Society” and I really enjoyed the discussion. This year looks even more interesting with “Change” being a big theme in a lot of political campaigns since the Obama one. I am loooking forward to what the spokespeople think of our contributions and ideas and I like that they have picked three of the young front benchers and gotten Richard Bruton to chair it. This shows they do think of us as “not just as an army of canvassers” as one candidate said recently!

The Womens Group are also holding a side event entitled “Getting the best out of your Canvass” which I don’t think I will be attending.

The full timetable for Ard Fheis is online here in PDF from

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YFG Summer School 08 leading to thoughts on Social Partnership

At the weekend I attended Young Fine Gael’s annual Summer School which took place in Carlingford in County Louth a beautiful location.

It was a different summer school then normal with motions being discussed after a welcome from the local Councillor, Cllr Terry Brennan. Mairead McGuinness MEP chaired this session. We had 6 motions to be discussed and exactly half passed with the others failing.

The motions that passed were allowing Provisional Drivers to drive unaccompanied between 6am and 9pm and a curfew between 9pm and 6am; a motion backing staggered nightclub closing times; and a motion praising the Civil Partnership Bill.

The Moions that failed were on Removing God from Bunreacht Na hEireann; restricting free legal aid to repeat offenders; and the banning of Hijabs and Burkas in public buildings (including schools)

After we had a session on Social Partnership which was chair by Leo Varadkar TD. In this part we had Jim Power, of Friends First, arguing against Partnership and John White of the ASTI arguing for it. I went in with an open mind on where I stood on it, but no without an understanding. I knew what was involved since we had to study it at Uni. I came out with a clear impression that we do not need partnership “at any cost” like some in Government seam to be looking for. If there a partnership agreement it needs to be sensible, we are heading into uncertain times and we cannot afford frivolous agreements.

While partnership has played some role since the late 80’s in where we are today it is not be all and end all. There were many contributing factors. We can survive without partnership look at the number of countries that do use it to the level that it is used here.

Of course I will wait to see the new agreement before I will see whether or not I think it should continue!

YFG Posters to "Excite Electorate on Lisbon Treaty"

So remember the competition that I mentioned John over at Semper Idem blogged about? Well we have the results of it.

And the press release accompanying them claims the following

YFG President, Barry Walsh said: “Young Fine Gael does not propose the young people of Ireland support this Treaty purely on the basis of past economic and social benefits to Ireland. Rather, we believe it should be supported because of the real potential it offers to further improve the prospects of the young people of Ireland and Europe. The benefits to young people are clear.

My Opinion?
I dont like them! I prefer the posters we had for Nice, they were more sutle and interesting and werent so blatant! I know this was a open competition but come on people get your mind out of the gutters!

Some other reactions to the poster campaigns.

Green Ink has a fantastic pic over on IrishElection. Damien Mulley has a few interesting links on other peoples opinions and rejigs on it!

Young Fine Gael Aim to Excite Electorate on Lisbon Treaty – YFG PR

In defence of Fine Gael

Its not very often I disagree with Damian Mulley, but I think in one of his latest posts “On why Fine Gael as a party can go fuck themselves“, he’s gone a bit wide of the mark.

Damian is currently being harrased by two people who claim to be FG’ers from UL. Now I am not doubting that this is the case, but I think Damian went a bit overbaord by throwing the entire Fine Gael party and organisation in the same bucket as these gobsheens.

Firstly, YFG is an autonmous organisation and you must apply seperately to join Fine Gael senior party.

Secondly, FG and YFG has no control over what indivual members do in their spare time and can only reprimand them when they misrepresent FG (or YFG)

I dont blame Damien for making his twitter private but lumping all blueshirts into one basket cause of two bad apples is a bit OTT.

I know and like Damien, I truely hope he follows trough with contacting the Gardai and the UL authorities about these two trouble makers.

Harassement, whether online or not, is not acceptable.

I had my own brush with this kind of thing from a student in UCC. Once the college authorities were contacted, it stopped.

I don’t expect or want an apology from Damian, just hope in future he won’t bandy all blueshirts into one label cause of two people.

I wish Damian the best and know this kind of stuff affects his health. I hope the blog awards will without a hitch on Saturday.

Please Damian remeber some of us Blueshirts aren’t half bad!

Work Thursday, Vote Saturday!


Well FG have jumped on the band wagon here, but I know we in YFG have been calling for Weekend voting for quite awhile, I know it was in the ‘YOUR FUTURE COUNTS, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED’ campaign we did earlier this year to get people, especially young people registered to vote.

Sign The Petition